Wyverns at Corflu

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Date: Mon 20 Jan 1997 - 22:35:05 EET

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Thomas Doniol-Valcroze <tconrad@orbital.fr>
Argrath Dragonfriend
>But later, still in KoS, when Argrath's relationships with Dragons are
>mentionned, it is said that it was Wyverns that came to help the
>Cradle's defenders on that day.
>So, my first question is: Was it Wyverns or Griffins?

It was wyverns. And, the funny thing is, when it happened the wyverns
were Lunar soldiers, the wyvern riders mentioned in Strangers in Prax.
This later collection of myth knows there were wyverns there, and assumes
they were Argrath's doing. But they almost spelled his _undoing_. Ain't
myhtology great?

>And my third question is: Has the Lunar assault on the Cradle been
>really described somewhere? Has it been made playable as an adventure?
>Somehow, I am afraid the answer will be something like: "Of course,
>it's in the Pavis boxed set"...
You're right. Of course, it's in the Pavis boxed set.

And it is one of the greatest RQ adventures ever written, IMO.

Stephen Martin
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