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Obscure things
Me>>Of course they could have, though you must remember that current
>>solar mythology was "rebooted" by the publication of The Glorious
>>ReAscent of Yelm in the late 5th or early 6th Wane.
>The GRAY was discovered by Emperor Yelmgatha and published then.

I believe this is incorrect, although I have found the reference in
Fortunate Succession. Maybe Greg originally told me, or it was in some of
his notes on which I commented. And it may no longer be correct. But
according to this other info, GRoY was found or brought out of Alkoth
after Sheng Seleris was slain and the nomads finally driven out. It may
be that Yelmgatha used GRoY to write FS, but that it was not made
generally public until the Fifth Wane.

>Pentan influences on the other hand....
Are always decried!

>>Several times now when talk/debate/argument has turned to HQ's I've
>>the Lead Cross HQ mentioned. I'm aware that it involves a Humakti
>>a healer; but would someone care to explain the myth behind it
>The story is supposedly given in Plunder! but I can't recall the
Actually, Lead Crosses appeared in Wyrms Footnotes 11. And no real myth
was given. Since members who walked the path were so committed to death
that they would kill Chalana Arroy healers to show their devotion, the
quest has been more or less outlawed.

Given that Makla Mann (Humakt hero) gives a spell called Stop
Resurrection, I have posited a link between these items, the Path, and
this hero before.

The Eight Planets

When I sought a correspondence, it was more from the _original_ nature of
the Eight Planets (as described in GRoY), not any current versions. Thus,
Shargash has always been the Master of Strength, and is logical for being

Kargan Tor. Falsoretus was originally the Master of Transformation, so he
is good for Larnste. Since I've started, I guess I'll continue:

Buserian Master of
Insight Orenoar Truth
Reladivus Master of Serenity Harana
Ilor Harmony
Shargash Master of Strength Kargan
Tor War/Death
Derdurnus Master of
Brilliance ??? ???
Deumalos Master of
Sovereignty Acos Law/Stasis
Falsoretus Master of
Transformation Larnste Change
Verithurus Master of
Wisdom Orenoar Truth
Ghevengus Master of Action Kargan Tor War

Hmm, some problems here, I see. Two Kargan Tors, two Orenoars, a blank
space, and no Ratslaf/Disorder, Tylenea/Illusion, or Uleria/Life. Anyone
want to try to fix this, or am I barking up the wrong pillar, er tree?

Stephen Martin
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