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Mike Cule writes:

>In my draft HeroQuest rules (which I will complete Real Soon Now)

In eager anticipation.

>I distinguish between acting as/becoming a Hero and HeroQuesting. The
latter is when >you try to follow a path already blazed through the
HeroPlane by some earlier traveller
>whether God or Hero.

 Here is what I have managed to gather about my own humble conceptions of
Free Will and HeroQuesters:

 Free Will, or just Will, is a measure of the character's internal being. It
is a measure of the character's connection to the world of the transcendent
(the world of myth) and their connection to the Universal Truth. It also
represents a Hero and their capability to "reach for the trandmundane" -- to
break free of normal social, cultural and magical constraints and join the
ranks of the HeroQuesters by mastering their own being. It is to the world
of the transcendent as POW is to the world of the magical, and STR, CON and
SIZ are to the world of the physical realm. Only HeroQuesters have Free
Will, any other being may have Will but is unable to use it (and therefore
it is not "free").
 A person who is not a Hero, and not bound by the laws of the magical realm,
can *generate* free Will. However, they are unable to use it. This means
that if Joe Bloggs the Toilet Cleaner arrives on the HeroPlane he cannot
compete in any of the mystical contests that take place, so a normal mortal
cannot steal Yelmalio's Fire Powers. However, he can generate his own free
Will. Free Will is accumulated by demonstrating Mastery of your own self and
inner potential and poweress etc.... This is translated into game terms as
cult rank -- a rune lord, priest or shaman has demonstrated control over a
realm of relaity i.e. the priest of magic, the sorceror over the world of
Logic. The accumulation of skills also shows the mastery of one's inner
power. Other ways do exist, and include cultural benefits and Illumination.

 A person may at some point go from beinga Toilet Cleaner into becoming a
HeroQuester. At this point they can use Free Will but cannot generate it.
There are no game rules to cover this translation, although some cultures
use rituals in the same way as a child becomes an adult, they use a ritual
to denote a mortal becoming a HeroQuester. A HeroQuester becomes bound by
the benefits and geases of the mythical world. While they can gain great
power they do so at the risk of their own free Will -- their own individuality.

 A HeroQuester loses Free Will by trading it or using it on HeroQuests. They
loose it by gaining geases, taking upon themselves obligations etc.. such as
cult ties, long standing oaths, taking promises to rid the Cosmos of chaos....

 They loose it as they loose control of their own actions, therefore an
Uroxi with the Beserkergang ability would loose Free Will as they can no
longer control their own personality. Harrek looses Free Will due to the
overpowering effect of the Polar Bear Skin. As a HeroQuester gains greater
mastery over a certain Rune, they loose their own self control as they
become more integrated with the Rune, this affects personality traits which
in turn affect Free Will.

 They loose it by having a Hero Cult and worshippers, as all people who have
worshippers are influenced by their cult. If their cultists begin to turn to
chaos, as will the Hero unless ahe has the Will to resist.

 A Quester uses Free Will in various ways. A HeroPath that involves strange
mythical acts such as a Trickster path wherein two similar people manage to
evade Death by turning into each other and confusing him might use Will
rather than magic. [List other mythical acts involving Will loss]
 Will can be used when two HeroPowers come into opposition. For instance, a
Trickster using his Silent Boots trying to sneak past the Ever-Listening
Demon of Hell might require a Will match. Harrek the Berserk using the
Inifinty Rune to nullify the Red Emperor's innate ressurection is another
example, as is a Hero trying to affect a True Dragon with her ability to
blind anybody upon sight.
 If Will is lost, that loss is permanent. It NEVER regenerates.

 A HeroQuester only ever gains Free Will rarely, but must do so or fall foul
to the same problems gods suffer from.
 Free Will can be gained in gambles against the Trickster, in Quests against
the Trickster and other Trickster related paths and items grant Free Will as
the Trickster is the well-spring of all Will due to the nature of his being
as a force of change and disorder.
 HeroQuester's can win Will of other HeroQuester's in magical contests.
 Since Will comes from the Chaosium, a part where reality connects with the
Void outside, a HeroQuester can undergo dangerous HeroQuests to reach there.


Sorry if this is a bit out of place, it was meant as an insertion into an
already existing set of HQ rules.

Mike Cule talks about using CCG's and their ilk as a form of HQing. While
this idea has been mentioned a few times before I would like to know how it
could be successfully carried off.

Nick E.
Nick the Broo Shaman of Thed

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