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David Dunham <>
Re: Alakoring Dragonbreaker of the Seven Winds
>Steve Martin wrote
>> I actually created a spell which _summoned_ a wind, the exact one
>> determined by what day of the week you cast the spell.
>What's the difference between summoning a wind and summoning a sylph?
Well, each of the winds which was summoned had a different magical
effect. One of them Demoralized everyone within the area of the wind (if
their MPs were overcome). One Invigorated everyone. The particular
effects were determined by the wind released.

Now, for those who dislike this "only Demoralize people on Tuesday"
nature of the spell, it would be relatively easy to make it possible to
get the wind you want. If you know what you are doing. Would adjust the
power balance of the spell, which is already somewhat shaky (even as a 3
point spell, area effect Demoralizes can be pretty powerful).

>> I would suggest you also can look to the Gloranthan Sky, where the
>> Orlanth dragon-slaying myth is reenacted on a regular basis
>So Alakoring is really a Lankoring seer who waited until the stars were
>right before acting?
It would certainly have given him a bonus in the fight, yes. And _he_
doesn't have to know the right time -- his Lhankoring member of his Ring
can say, "Well, Lord, you can fight him now. But, if you wait for three
days, you'll have a better chance of winning, though the dragon _will_
eat about 500 people between now and then."

Something like that, anyways. Of course, since he is from Ralios, he
probably has some additional options Orlanthi in the DP area don't, since
he might be able to draw on a different history of Star Lore.

>> I also once got the impression that Alakoring had _wrestled_ the
>> and so gave his subcult a Windstrength spell
>Could be amusing, since the stronger the wind, the stronger the warrior.
Exactly. Plus, it gives Orlanthi a counterpart to the Seastrength spell
of Wachaze. I think the trolls probably have a "Shadowstrength" spell
from some subcult of Zorak Zoran or some such. And I would be surprised
if some Yelmic deity (probably Shargash) didn't have a Sunstrength spell,
which made their strength increase as it gets on towards noon, then
decrease again. Like Sir Gawaine.

Nick Brooke <>
Horse, Wyvern & Raven; Storytelling
>How the griffins crept in, none of us know. (Maybe Garrath's HeroQuest
>involved going to Griffin Mountain for some reason?).
Well, after the Battle of Yoran he did escape through the Elder Wilds, at
which point he (re?) met Gonn Orta. A connection could be drawn from
this, perhaps?

>FWIW, there are grounds for believing the core of the Arthurian legend
>comes from similarly dubious source-readings: "The Battle of Camlann,
>which Arthur and Mordred fell" (our earliest account in Welsh annals)
>not, in itself, imply that the battle was *between* Arthur and
How interesting. Isn't it part of the mythos that Mordred and Arthur were
allies, at least initially? I know Mordred is painted badly by current
beliefs, but he must have been a decent enough knight at some point to
achieve the Round Table. He did achieve the Round Table, didn't he? My
Arthurian days are long behind me, what little I knew fades...

>Raven Myth-Associations
>In an old Tales "Notes" box (recently reposted by MOB, qv.), there was
>something about heretical Ralian Humakti (or would one say "Humathi"
>nowadays?) being associated with ravens, which struck a neat chord given
>the 'Celtic' feel of the area and the bird's traditional associations.
Originally mentioned in a Different Worlds article about cult spirits.

>FWIW, Stephen P Martin's suggestion that the Humakti might also use
>seems unnecessary, confusing, and even dangerous, given the strong local
>presence of the Telmori in Ralios. Unless we're looking at
>bandit tribes, maybe similar to the Wolf Princes of Syanor (mentioned in
>Carmanian Anabasis notes, on the webpage).
The wolf angle comes from the same Greg Stafford article in DW.
Specifically, "RuneFix 1", by Greg Stafford. Different Worlds 22, July
1982. Appropriate Animals and Objects are listed (by published cult) to
house spirits. Humakt has listed (in order) raven, wolf, sword. So, I'll
accept confusing, and even dangerous, but unnecessary I deny.

Other interesting notes from this (which differs a bit from the GoG

Mostal spirits are housed in body armor (seems to be an Iron Mostali
Vivamorti use bats
Yelm -- eagles are for kings only
Ernalda -- snake in addition to pig
Eurmal -- raven, spider, hare

Now, it may not be a Ralian belief, true, but some Humakti, somewhere,
use wolves to hold their spirits. At least they did at one time. I agree
that the Telmori link troubles me, but it could also be a "conquered foe"
type of relationship.

"Guy Hoyle" <>
>While playing Mythos this weekend, I was struck with an idea: this
>type of game could be a fun way of performing HeroQuests! Has anyone
>else tried to adapt HeroQuesting to a CCG type of game?

At a convention last year, Charlie Krank mentioned that he would like to
do a Gloranthan card game, possibly using Mythos rules. I have pointed
out to a few people (such as Steve Marsh) how appropriate Mythos is for
HeroQuesting, with few modifications needed. Even the competition to be
the first to complete your quest has a place, either because you are
rivaql questers trying to complete your version of the Quest first, or
because you are enemies appearing in each other's quest. Trolls versus
Elves, for example, or rival Orlanthi tribes.

Stephen Martin
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