Alakoring & Dragon creation

From: Martin Laurie (102541.3423@CompuServe.COM)
Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 00:11:30 EET

Nick postulates:
>OTOH, the Golden Dragon (which may have been the Emperor Sothenik, is
>almost certainly Sun Dragon from RQ2, and which became the Dara Happan
>Emperor in "The Fortunate Succession") is known to have existed long before
>the EWF took Dara Happa. So maybe the EWF prepared an appropriate Dragon
>for each of the regions they hoped to assimilate later. In which case,
>Drang the Diamond Storm Dragon would at some point have taken up residence
>in Gemborg (or the Vent Volcano, or wherever), if it hadn't been killed
>first by Alakoring Dragonbreaker...

This makes sense. The EWF appear to have used the energies of their people to
create Dragons that would serve as the higher levels in their pyramid structure
for the collection of power into the draconic world dragon.

The EWF long term plans may well have needed much of Genertela under their
control to finish their Dragon rituals although the mind boggles at the kind of
Dragon that would have been created for Seshnela.

Certainly the success of the EWF against Dara Happa largely rests at the feet of
the Sun Dragon or the Emperor Dragon. His knowledge of Dara Happan magics made
victory almost certain and although I think this was an unusual circumstance
given the role of Sothenik, it is certainly repeatable in other lands.

Frex, how difficult is it to find a disposessed noble from any land? Find one,
get him to join the EWF, give him followers and powers and before long (well

quite long) a new Dragon awaits.

As for Alakorings victory it seems unlikely that he could defeat a True Dragon
in combat so he must have won by other means. I think that he may have severed
its connection with the "pyramid" of support that maintained Drang ie he caused
the Orlanthi who had formed him from their thoughts to leave the cycle and take
back their Draconic energies.

 Alakorings greatest legacy is his breaking of the priestoods control of the
large tribal kingdom by the creation of smaller tribal kingdoms on the Ralios
model. This logically indicates that the removal of those people from the Storm
Dragons support structure is the "Dragonbreaking" he should be really famous
for. I am sure he did defeat the Dragon physically but not before removing most
of its strength.

Martin Laurie


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