Shadowcat skills, Mindlink

From: Peter Maranci (
Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 01:04:40 EET

        Two quick questions:

        Is there any published source showing a full list of skill bases
for an awakened shadowcat? The Bestiary leaves out a number of useful
skills that must be different from the human base, including Listen, Scan,
Search, Smell, Track, Climb, Jump, and Swim. Come to think of it, I've
never seen the issue of feline night vision addressed in RQ.

        A second, somewhat rules-oriented question (boy, do I miss the
rules digest!): Can an allied spirit cast divine magic that has been
learned by its priest? If one person in a mindlink is touching a spell

matrix, can another in the link use that spell?

        I guess it was more like three or four questions. Oh any
case, answers will be much appreciated!

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