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Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 03:30:12 EET

Nick Brooke:

When making the good point that Drang could have been intended to
rule Caladraland, Nick sez:

>OTOH, the Golden Dragon (which may have been the Emperor Sothenik, is
>almost certainly Sun Dragon from RQ2, and which became the Dara Happan
>Emperor in "The Fortunate Succession") is known to have existed long before
>the EWF took Dara Happa.

I always got the impression that the Sun Dragon (which may have been
Sothenik) was a different beastie than the Golden Dragon. There is
the EWF frieze* in Vanch (shown in the Fortunate Succession) which
depicts the Dragon Sun on top of the Golden Dragon and they are
different in size and shape.

Furthermore the Dragon Sun is one creature with a definite existance
whereas the Golden Dragon is more commonally referred to as a society.
There seems to be a distinction in the EWF between Cultic Dragons
which are formed through the massed 'dreamings' of its members (the
previously mentioned Drang, The Storm Dragon in the Argrath Saga,
and Boztankios (sp?) the Fang mentioned in 'Argrath of Pavis'**)
and Draconic Heroes such as the Sun Dragon, the Second Dragon etc.
The Dragon Sun may have some leading part within the Golden Dragon
when it awakes or it could be that the Golden Dragon is subservient
to him, but I don't believe that they are the *same*.

I've noticed that the EWF planned for the entire population of Dara
Happa to be split among five cults. Any idea of what those cults
are? The Golden Dragon is undoubtedly one whereas the New Blue
Dragon also depicted in the Fortunate Succession.

*People may interject here and say there are no remains of the EWF
occupation in Dara Happa. Which is true, but ignores the existance
of EWF remains elsewhere - ie as well as the vanchi frieze there
is the EWF scribblings in KoS. So why no remants in Dara Happa?
My theory is that the EWF buildings and friezes were built or
carved *on* the Dragons that were resident in Dara Happa after its
occupation. So when the Dragons were killed or driven off, the
EWF buildings were virtually junked.

**There is also the example of the Zistorites all over the world
who after Zistor was killed lost their ability to dream.

Erik Sieurin:

>the Falstaff to Humath's Henry iV (? forgot his number).

'Look! When yer King of France, you've got better things to do
then go around memorizing your bluidy number!'

                        Louis XVIIIth in Monty Python.

Stephen P Martin:

>The Eight Planets

>When I sought a correspondence, it was more from the _original_
>nature of the Eight Planets (as described in GRoY), not any current

That's not the original. On the very first page of the GRAY Text
(excluding the Calender), Plentonius describes yet another Celestial
Court Tradition with Primolt being a member. If the God Learner
Court describes Yelm, Dendara and the Eight Sons then this should be
looked at also.

[list snipped]

>Hmm, some problems here, I see. Two Kargan Tors, two Orenoars, a blank
>space, and no Ratslaf/Disorder, Tylenea/Illusion, or Uleria/Life. Anyone
>want to try to fix this, or am I barking up the wrong pillar, er tree?

It gets worse. If you use opposed runes (ie Truth/Illusion) then
if Verithurus is the Master of Wisdom then should Shargash be the
Master of Illusion? Either I'll have to junk the Opposed Runes of
the God Learners or I'll have to say that the Dara Happan Mythology
is wrong. Neither of this appeals to me, so I'm left with saying

that each mythology only presents a limited insight* into the
Celestial Court and we do not know enough to complete the supposed
connections between the Dara Happan myth and the God Learner myth.

*In much the same way that the Dara Happans are ignorant of Tolat's
potential for fertility which is celebrated in Trowjang.

ObInsaneInsight: If Entekos is Glorantha who is now Arachne
Solara (according to CoP) what does that tell us about Yara
Aranis who is described in terms of a spider (she is spoken
as walking like a spider in the Fortunate Succession and
falling upon Sheng Seleris like a Wolfspider onto a fly)?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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