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Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 06:59:00 EET

Martin Laurie wrote

> Certainly the success of the EWF against Dara Happa largely rests at the
>feet of
> the Sun Dragon or the Emperor Dragon. His knowledge of Dara Happan
>magics made
> victory almost certain and although I think this was an unusual circumstance
> given the role of Sothenik, it is certainly repeatable in other lands.

Firstly, I remain unconvinced that Sothenik became the Sun Dragon (it's
more likely he was simply Captain Kirk, abandoning the administration of
his crew and mission to go play adventuring). Secondly, I think Dara Happa
is far from assailable. It was taken over by horse nomads twice. It lost
its empire to the Spolites. It was taken over by Carmanians. It was taken
over by the Lunars.

And it seems the EWF won simply by having more armies to send against Dara
Happa. (Of course, Elmexdros the Conquerer had welcomed the Golden Dragon
Society, and entertained Dragon Emissaries, which must have given away lots
of secrets, too.

So I think the EWF's success against Dara Happa largely rests on the fact
that there's nothing special about Dara Happa -- it's just an empire, and
can rise and fall like any other, and it's most likely to fall to a young,
rising empire. And it's far from clear that it really rises the same after
each fall.

> As for Alakorings victory it seems unlikely that he could defeat a True
> in combat so he must have won by other means.

And why are dragons so special? Dara Happa killed large numbers of them
during Dismanthuyar's reign. Alakoring had an army at his back; it's
possible his dragonkilling was as simple as flying large numbers of player
characters (nobody else would be stupid or lucky enough) onto the dragon so
they could stab its weak spot.

In my game, I've separated Alakoring's Dragonbreaker aspect from the Rex
aspect. This may be unnecessary, but it fits the "dozens of subcults" craze
that has swept Seattle Farmer Gaming (has anyone posted all the great
subcults we came up with for your game? Walind the Ram was fun).

Peter Maranci asked

> Can an allied spirit cast divine magic that has been
> learned by its priest?

Yes, that's the definition of Mindlink (and see GoG.20).

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