From: Scott Haney (scotty@olivia.cedar-rapids.ia.us)
Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 00:56:10 EET

Hello again. More meaningless ramblings:

        I was re-reading Elder Secrets (and the other stuff in
        the box) and noticed that Falagian Diamonds are mentioned
        several times, but I didn't see where they were
        described. Can someone tell me, or is this the Gloranthan

        equivalent of a snipe hunt? :)

        Another question: in Griffin Mountain, it mentioned that
        Gonn Orta was very interested in Ducks for a while. Why
        was that?

        Thought: perhaps the Gift Carriers were a God Learner
        construct! That is, some GL messed up on a heroquest and
        created them....

Scott Haney scotty@olivia.cedar-rapids.ia.us
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