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Martin Laurie:

>As for Alakorings victory it seems unlikely that he could defeat a
>True Dragon in combat so he must have won by other means.

Why? Alakoring was a Hero so it's probable that he fought it on
the Other Side with the support of his Ralian followers. Look at
Ingolf's saga where he fails his Orlanthi initiation yet is able
to transform himself unwittingly to such a size that a city seems
the size of a pea and defeat a dragon.

Joerg Baumgartner:

JB>>>The immigrating Praxian nomads simply took over the role of the
>>>horse-riding warlords who ruled that part of Peloria since the Dawn.

Me>>I don't think this is correct. The Horse Riders were last ruling
>>Darjiin where Argentium Thi'rile occured whereas the locations of
>>the Praxian Overlords (Bison Lords of Darleep, Hungry Plateau)
>>are *not* in Darjiin. Darjiin had an autochtonous governer at the
>>time of the Broken Council.

>I doubt very much that Darjiin was the only place ruled by horse
>warlords. They had ruled all over Peloria, from Pelanda into the
>Arkos Valley. Maybe Yuthuppa, Raibanth and Alkoth happened to be
>ruled by city-dwellers, but what about e.g. Elz-Ast or Karasal?

Elz Ast was conquered by Khordavu to get the the Feathered Cap
of Mernita. It's noted in the Broken Council Guidebook as the
last barbarian stronghold within the Empire and conquered using
the Bow of Domination. Kostaddi which was given over to the
Praxian Nomads had already submitted to the Ten Princes before
this time. So I doubt that Elz Ast or other places were still

controlled by the Horse Barbarians when the Battle of Argentium
Th'rile was fought. Hence I doubt that the Praxians simply took
over the parts ruled by the Horse Nomads as you claim.

The Horse Riders of Darjiin are probably descended from the
Overlords that were installed there when Emperor Kestinendos
conquered Darjiin IMO. If the troops cames from the east
as Plentonius claims then it is difficult to see how they
could have crossed the Oslir without buying a major fight
with Khordavu. The only other way is through Saird/Sylila
and then you have to bypass the World Council Customs at
the border.

>Fine, that's exactly what I wanted to get at: there was a night sky with
>dark background. The lights in front of it are optional additions...

But back then the Sky was Golden...

>I suppose most of the humans had not yet originated. Even the
>earliest human civilisation - the Artmali - clearly date from
>after this war [between Giants and Dragonewts].

How so? You are following that the God Learner identification
of Annilla was previously the Queen of the Giants and that this
form predates her as the Ancestress of the Artmali Empire. We
have no real reason to believe that this is correct. Given that

Artmal claims descent from the Blue Moon and that his maiming was
at the hands of Qualyorni during the Darkness (Pamalt Cult Writeup)
whereas his Empire supposedly fell apart before the Sun First Set*
leads me to conclude that Artmal was not the leader of the original
Blue Empire but merely ruled a successor state. We thus cannot use
the God Learner Writeup to postdate the Artmali Empire to after the
War between the Giants and the Dragons.

*Would this make it the Empire on which the Sun Never Set?

Me>>Perhaps most of the Giants speak Darktongue because during the Great
>>Darkness they fell under the influence of the more sophisticated Uz
>>and so learned Darktongue to speak with the little people.

>The Good Giants were a lot more sophisticated than you give them
>credit for.

I wasn't not talking about the Good Giants. I'm talking about
the rank-and-file Giants who sing 'Fee Fie Fo Fum' when sitting
on the Giants Table sniffing for Blood. It was these, I thought
you meant when you talked about Darktongue speaking Giants rather
than the Tradetalk speaking Good Giants.

Stephen Martin:

>Can anyone tell me the correct name for divination using coins? An old
>Different Worlds article had about 30 types listed, but I do not have
>this issue. I am pretty sure the correct word is _not_ "coinomancy", but
>that's all I have to go on right now.


Or perhaps Numistomancy.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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