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"Erik Sieurin" <BV9521@utb.hb.se>
Ralian Ravens and ZZZ (Zorak Zorani Zombies)
>I thought of the Raven as the Scout of Humath, who first found Death
>for him - and as a presage of him becoming Trickster, or perhaps he
>everywhere IS the Trickster, I envisage him as wise-cracking and
>sarcastic, the down-to-earth counterpart to Humath's honour and
>serene attittude, the Falstaff to Humath's Henry iV (? forgot his
This is somewhat how I envisioned it, though I did not see the Trickster
connection. Both the wolves and the ravens strike me as a very Odinesque
thing, so they would be more appropriate in a land where Humakt is more
of a barbarian type. Ralios does fit.

I also note that Raven is a form which we know Eurmal takes on occasion
(old myth of release of fire from Underworld puts Eurmal in the shape of
a raven for at least part of his flight from the guardians), so this
Trickster link seems appropriate in that context as well.

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Has anyone out there looked to Nephilim as a source of HeroQuesting
mechanics or ideas? When Chaosium was first working on Nephilim, Greg
mentioned to me that he thought the authors of Nephilim had originally
been trying to develop a set of HQ rules, and had ended up with Nephilim

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