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Martin Laurie <102541.3423@CompuServe.COM>
Alakoring & Dragon creation
>As for Alakorings victory it seems unlikely that he could defeat a True
>in combat so he must have won by other means. I think that he may have
>severed its connection with the "pyramid" of support that maintained
Drang ie
>he caused the Orlanthi who had formed him from their thoughts to leave
the >cycle and take back their Draconic energies.
Couldn't his introduction of the cult of Orlanth Rex have done this? By
inciting differences between the priests (who ran things) and the kings
(who kept the people in line), Alakoring could easily have disrupted the
lines of magical support. The only question is, could Alakoring have
managed this in the EWF-controlled area?

Joerg Baumgartner <>
Re: Dara Happa, Giants
>>>Am I the only one who wondered why the giants - especially the Good
>>>Gonn Orta's kind - speak Darktongue? They lived in an age _before_ Sky
>>>plants when they fought their wars with the dragons. I wouldn't be
>>>astonished if they worshipped Night besides their ancestral deities,
He Who
>>>Moves and "Annilla".
No one has answered the question for me, of where it is stated the giants
speak Darktongue.

>I'd rather say that the Giants became humanoid when the Man Rune came
Yeah, that's what I meant. Yeah.

>>Perhaps most of the Giants speak Darktongue because during the Great
Thomas Doniol-Valcroze <>
Garrath? Garrath Sharpsword?
>>...when Garrath Sharpsword (aka Argrath)...
>Do you *mean* that Garrath Sharpsword is Argrath? Garrath?
>Oh gee... The letters! Same letters! An anagram! I never noticed it.
>Oh gee... How was I supposed to know? Why did nobody tell me!
>I was right. This was all a big conspiracy. Everybody knew but me!
Greg said it in his interview in Tales #7, as I recall. Also, Hargarth
the Blade (mentioned in the rumours section of Pavis or The Big Rubble is
another alias of Argrath. An ancient, unpublished source (sorry) gives
Argrarth the Wander as another alias of the hero.

Joerg and I have been discussing Argrath for two months now, and we have
come up with a number of theories. Currently, we plan to host a seminar
on Argrath and King of Sartar at Gloranthacon V, in British Columbia. It
will focus on who the various Argraths were (for we believe there were a
number of individuals who make up the legendary Argrath), plus such
questions as Who lit the Flame of Sartar? and Who Did Argrath Marry?

Pole Star
In looking through the brief mention of stars in The Runequest Companion
(page 9), I discovered something interesting. The Jonstown Compendium
entry states that Dayzatar's Eye and Pole Star are the same star. I guess

when Elder Secrets was being written no one at Chaoisum thought to look
back there. After going through this stuff time after time for the last
three years, you'd think I'd have noticed this discrepancy by now.

>From the fact that _all_ of the stars named in that Jonstown Compendium
entry are of Malkioni heroes, I have to assume that the person who made
the entry was from the West, rather than an Orlanthi. I wonder which
Elder Secrets or GRoY stars are the ones known in the West as Malkion,
Snodal, Jonat, Talor, and Dromal (is that supposed to be Dormal,
perhaps?)? Arkat we already know, from ES.

Stephen Martin
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