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David Dunham:

>And why are dragons so special? Dara Happa killed large numbers of them
>during Dismanthuyar's reign. Alakoring had an army at his back; it's
>possible his dragonkilling was as simple as flying large numbers of player
>characters (nobody else would be stupid or lucky enough) onto the dragon so
>they could stab its weak spot.

What we really need is a plausible strategy to take out Dragons
on the Battlefield. It can't be archery IMO because Alakoring
was killed because he refused to believe in the power of Bows.

About the only thing I can think of is that True Dragons require
a lot of sleep. I'm assuming that the rules for Dragons in Dragon
Pass are for Dragons who fight totally alert. After the battle,
they're removed from the board because they've exhausted the
energies that allow them a material existance.

The EWF certainly have some technique to allow sleeping dragons to
perform bureacratic duties such as the underwater dragon at Bonn
Kapach mentioned by Hrestol Arganitis in KoS. These could do all
sorts of mental tricks like create a Dream Dragon or Two, or think
enemies dead.

What I'm presuming is that the EWF also had some power to
partially awaken True Dragons to allow them physical activity
on the battle field so that they acted like Giant Flying
Brontosaurs - still Bloody Tough but not Overly Invincible and

Nowhere Near as Smart. The physically active dragons would
also be prone to periods of inactivity but it could fight a
battle without being disappearing afterwards.

Even then the Dragons were not a super rapid strike force but
moved very slowly against the enemy. The EWF usually had an
army to accompany it to protect the Dragon when it slept after
strenous flights. Given this the True Dragon would usually
flies at the same speed as the army. If the army was close
to the EWF border, they would have had Dream Dragons provided
by another sleeping True Dragon to provide scouting screening
duties otherwise they relied on the cult of Orlanth Dragonfriend,
Wyrms or Wyvern Riders.

The strategy of the Dragonkillers would be to adopt some
delaying tactic when the Dragon is fighting (like not giving
battle, hiding out in the Hills) until it begins to tire.
Then they would launch their charge against the Dragon in an
attempt to kill it. A large number will probably die in the
attempt. Usually the Draconic Guard will take most of the
damage _but_ the Dragon is now less protected when it sleeps.
Another army in the vicinity could overwhelm the remants of
the defences and dismember the Dragon putting it out of the EWF
for good. So after a battle, the EWF army usually hightails
it into friendly territory or lets the Dragon sleep in an
easily defended position until reinforcements arrive.

The Dragonkillers could adopt certain tactics to hasten the
Dragons exhaustion like trick it into flaming or luring it to
chase a retreating army to detach it from its own forces. Or
they could try night attacks. So the wars between the EWF and
Dara Happa or Alakoring would have been costly battles of
attrition on both sides.

What would have made Alakoring's fight with Drang the Diamond
Storm Dragon unusual IMO was that the EWF pulled out all the
stops to have a fully alert True Dragon to terminate him with
extreme prejudice. Alakoring responded heroically and the
rest is history.


> I was re-reading Elder Secrets (and the other stuff in
> the box) and noticed that Falagian Diamonds are mentioned
> several times, but I didn't see where they were
> described.

They're not. One of the Tales rumour columns said that one of the
signs of the coming Hero Wars is that people are gradually forgetting
what Falangian Diamonds are used for.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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