Re: Garrath? Garrath Sharpsword?

From: David Weihe (
Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 18:58:11 EET

> From: Thomas Doniol-Valcroze <>
> Nick Brooke:
> - ------------
> >...when Garrath Sharpsword (aka Argrath)...
> Do you *mean* that Garrath Sharpsword is Argrath? Garrath?
> Oh gee... The letters! Same letters! An anagram! I never noticed it.
> Oh gee... How was I supposed to know? Why did nobody tell me!
> I was right. This was all a big conspiracy. Everybody knew but me!
> I used Garrath as one of these mentionned-but-not-described NPCs, to
> put some more life in my Pavis. He met my players several times! What
> am I going to tell them?

Just to send you into more of a tizzy, Argrath may not be *just* one
person, and Garrath may only be the smallest part. You sound as surprized
as I was when I found out that Humakt wasn't originally around during
the Gods War.

Anyway, why tell them anything? Do you think many of his Pavis friends
knew all about his Praxian Secret Societies? Odds are his Draconic
connection is still years in the future, as well.

Let them find out the hard way, just like the Lunars did <evil mad
doctor laugh>.

Anyway, Argrath will seem small potatoes if they ever catch sight of
Harrek the Berzerk or Jar-Eel on the Lunar side. Now there are an
impressive pair!


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