Storm Bull Conspiracy Theory

Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 20:38:52 EET

     I thought I would share this funny Conspiracy theory that one of our
player's characters has developed. One of the original characters in our
four year old campaign is a dragonnewt (after a couple of years as the
weakest character he finally evolved to warrior). Currently, he is working
to master five different weapons through killing as much chaos as possible.
 Our GM however, hasn't thrown as much as the player would like to see, so
Sword of Entanglements has come up with a rather interesting theory:
      He noticed that nearly every Storm Bull holy day chaos would be around
to be fought for the glory of Storm Bull. He has also taken part in a couple
of raids on Chaos led by Storm Bullers. However, when he seeks it out on his
own, its either not that bad or not to be found. He has finally decided that
the Chaos menace isn't really that bad and that instead the Storm Bullers are
protecting it to justify their position in Glorantha. He figures that they
have all these attrocities caged up under the Block and let a little out
whenever they need to impress the rest of the world with their chaos fighting
abilities. So far his theory has started out as occasional grumblings,
however, knowing Tim, this could soon lead to him attempting to sneak under
the Block to discover the truth. ;-)

 -- Will


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