From: Carlson, Pam (
Date: Tue 21 Jan 1997 - 23:22:00 EET

 Martin Crim gives some alynx sizes & distributions:

To me, those beasties sound pretty darn big. I'd hate to feed one.
And, I'd really hate to have one get fed up with being petted, turn, and
bite me - like so many earth-type house cats do. Can we assume that
alynxes are more social & better domesticated than housecats? Another
limiting size factor would be travel. Cats are built for power &
stealth, not speed & endurance, so a 60 kilo alynx would be hard-pressed
to keep up with a rider all day. They seem to be an animal best suited
to hunting (and travelling) on foot.

Also - I can see the large alynxes disappearing as population density
grows. The large ones may remain in Talastar and Farpoint. where game
is plentiful. But in lowland Heortland or the densely populated west,
probably only the small ones remain. The large ones are either
legendary, or still owned by lords and chiefs. Quite the status animal.

On our little Varmandi-clan stead, we have two med-small alynxes for
hunting, some small ones for mice, and a few herding/watch dogs. They
all live on scraps, or whatever they can catch, as the people are
usually have enough problems just feeding themselves. HUMANS are good
at killing prey larger than themselves - they have weapons. The alynxes
are used just to track game, and a small ones do just as well.



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