From: Peter Metcalfe (P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz)
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 05:04:31 EET

Martin Laurie:

>Even Gbaji failed miserably to harm dragonkind.

He did however conquer the Dragonewts and forced them to be his slaves.

>It seemed that the war against the EWF continued for a long time
>accross Saird and shifted little in its frontiers (though I haven't
>FS with me to say for sure) but it was the arrival and commitment of
>the Sun Dragon which defeated the Emperor himself and once the Emperor
>goes, so does Dara Happa (except Alkoth but then they are all nuts
>anyway) hence the Sun Dragons importance in the fight.

The war didn't start until the Emperor kicked the Golden Dragon
Cult out of the Country and was a hard slog upriver. The
stalemate at Saird comes after Dara Happa has been liberated
and when the Sun Dragon was dead. Even then the EWF lauched a
massive counterattack in c. 950 ST which took back a lot of the
gains made.

>The problem I have with True Dragons vs Humans is that they are rather large.
>If a 4km long object flew over a town at say 500m with a wingspan of nearly
>5-6km the wind generated would flatten the whole town.

I think most true dragons are smaller than that as the Raibanth army
that had been frightened to death by a Great Big Huge Dragon had
prior experience in fighting dragons. It seems to me that Dragons

of this size are almost unheard of.

SM>>The only question is, could Alakoring have managed this in the
>>EWF-controlled area?

>I believe that was the main avenue of his attack. I think that Alakoring
>politically campaigned among the EWF Orlanthi who were still Orlanthi and
>obeyed the rules of guest-right and moot so would hear him out. The EWF
>wasn't a dictatorship except in some of its heartlands and the Old Day
>Traditionalists were growing very strong at this point, certainly a large

It doesn't sound right to me. Savvy members of the EWF especially the
Here-and-nows would have gotten wind of Alakoring and said 'guest-right
be damned' and committed secret murder if he went into their borders.

They had a Dragon conducting customs duties at the South of Dragon Pass
so why should the EWF be real nice touvhes and let a foreign agitator
run amok through their lands? The Old Day Traditionalists were in
Brolia and not Dragon Pass.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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