Re: Glorantha Digest V4 #109

From: Carl Fink (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 02:51:45 EET

David Cake <>:

> I was really just asking for the reference where it says that God
>Learning is no longer possible - I believe that most people don't DO it,
>and least in the sense of experimenting with the heroplane to see what they
>can achieve.

Certainly creative heroquesting is possible in the Third Age -- the
Red Moon Goddess exists again, after all.

The God Learners could do Something Else, something that gave them
enormous power. Now it's impossible, and the Gift Carriers of the
Sending Gods killed everyone who even knew what it *was*, much less
how to do it. In the Third Age, noboby but a few PCs and probably
Zzabur even knows what they *can't do*.
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