From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 05:33:30 EET

>Has anyone out there looked to Nephilim as a source of HeroQuesting
>mechanics or ideas? When Chaosium was first working on Nephilim, Greg
>mentioned to me that he thought the authors of Nephilim had originally
>been trying to develop a set of HQ rules, and had ended up with Nephilim

        Yes, Nephilim has a lot of good ideas for HeroQuest mechanics. My
thoughts on heroquesting involve taking the idea of different varieties of
POW, and running with it - this has a lot of benefits to making play more
interesting. Basically it gives you some mechanisms for allowing high
powered magic without things getting too out of hand. Shannons
metamorphosis mechanics are quite interesting too.
        In fact, the biggest problem with it is the magic mechanics suggest
heroquesting more than the convoluted world of real world occultism. I
really wanted to Nephilim magic to feel like a Tim Powers book.
        In general, though, Mike is right, the game is a complicated
mishmash that I certainly wouldn't want to adopt wholesale.



        (trying to move towards short messages rather than the absurdly
long ones of recent days)


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