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David Weihe <weihe@gsidanet.danet.com>
Re: Humakti Wolves
>> >Stephen P Martin's suggestion that the Humakti might Wolves
>My take was always that some wolf tribes converted to Humakt in the
>days, like the Ralian Cattle tribes converted to Orlanth. The
>of a wolf pack and a mercenary unit are too similar to avoid the
_This_ take never even occurred to me. Too Cool -- I like it.

Peter Metcalfe <P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz>
dragons and planets
>I've noticed that the EWF planned for the entire population of Dara
>Happa to be split among five cults. Any idea of what those cults
>are? The Golden Dragon is undoubtedly one whereas the New Blue
>Dragon also depicted in the Fortunate Succession.
When this was _originally_ written (i.e., around 1986?), I assume the
meaning was of the five expected Dara Happan cults. Thus, I assume one

was Yelm, one Lodril, one Dayzatar (maybe), one Lokarnos, and one
Yelmalio (?). Or, possibly the five "cults" of Yelm. Nowadays, with all
that has changed, I have little idea. I suppose Shargash would definitely
be one, even though it is supposed to be the intellect of the dragon
(Shargash would be his anger, rage), another Dayzatar or Buserian (for
his transcendent intellect), Antirius another. Lodril seems unlikely to
me, though it is possible. Entekos, perhaps, for the female side of the
>>The Eight Planets
>It gets worse. If you use opposed runes (ie Truth/Illusion) then
>if Verithurus is the Master of Wisdom then should Shargash be the
>Master of Illusion? Either I'll have to junk the Opposed Runes of
>the God Learners or I'll have to say that the Dara Happan Mythology
>is wrong.

I hadn't even begun to deal with the opposed runes. Still, rather than
say we cannot do more than gain an insight, I would like to try to
determine what the God Learners saw which _supported_ their beliefs. If
there was any such thing.

>ObInsaneInsight: If Entekos is Glorantha who is now Arachne
>Solara (according to CoP) what does that tell us about Yara
>Aranis who is described in terms of a spider (she is spoken
>as walking like a spider in the Fortunate Succession and
>falling upon Sheng Seleris like a Wolfspider onto a fly)?
She is also said to be the Six-Armed Goddess of Saird, when her origins
seem to most definitely be much farther north. How much of this
description of her being a spider is just an obvious metaphor -- eight
limbs, she is a spider.

Personally, I prefer to think of Yara Aranis as a living embodiment of
the Seven Mothers -- six limbs are the six known mothers, body (or head)
is She Who Waits, the whole thing together is the Red Goddess on earth.
In her demonic aspect, of course. Note, by the way, that I no longer
believe this theory about YA.

James Frusetta <gerakkag@wam.umd.edu>
Very silly raven ravenings
>warped his myths, so he and his kin are now somber and humorless: he's
>the perfect Humakti familiar. Sits around all day, eating dead bodies
>letting loose with mournful caws. (Perhaps tragically, the GLs got
>by an offended cosmos before they could repeat this process with other
>trickster myths.)
I note that in his article on demons in White Dwarf 92, Jon Quaife had
Aggark, a Two-Headed Crow demon found in (you guessed it) Ralios (and
Seshnela). He does seem to be suitably tricksterish.
Ed Tonry <etonry@niu.edu>
 Re: Computer Aided Raid
>I think we'd all like a copy IF it could be done, especially in _only_
>70 lines of code. (That would be one truly Moby hack!) But I don't
>think it can be done without losing the natural flow of mass combat.
Back in the 80's, someone at (or near) Chaosium begain writing such a
program. I don't recall how finished or complicated it was, but it would
roll up the battle (in RQ2 style, I think), figure damage, etc. My gut
instinct says that it was Ray Turney who wrote it, though I am not sure.

Wait, I _do_ still have a copy. It was by Alan LaVergne, it was copyright
1986 and 1987, and it appears to be for RQ3! Maybe someone should contact
him and see if he ever did any further work on it -- could be a program
whose time has come.

scotty@olivia.cedar-rapids.ia.us (Scott Haney)
> I was re-reading Elder Secrets (and the other stuff in
> the box) and noticed that Falagian Diamonds are mentioned
> several times, but I didn't see where they were
> described. Can someone tell me, or is this the Gloranthan
> equivalent of a snipe hunt? :)
Yes. I doubt Greg even _really_ knows what they are. One of the earlier
issues of Tales had a "true" rumour on them as well, don't recall which

Peter Metcalfe <P.Metcalfe@student.canterbury.ac.nz>
Various bits
>Elz Ast was conquered by Khordavu to get the the Feathered Cap
>of Mernita. It's noted in the Broken Council Guidebook as the
>last barbarian stronghold within the Empire and conquered using
>the Bow of Domination. Kostaddi which was given over to the
>Praxian Nomads had already submitted to the Ten Princes before
>this time.

I am not sure that I believe everything Plentonius says. Note that one of
Khordavu's "allies" allied with him twice, implying that they had
revolted in the meantime. It is entirely possible that Khordavu really
ruled a much smaller area than GRoY (or Broken Council) claims.

>>Can anyone tell me the correct name for divination using coins? An old
>>Different Worlds article had about 30 types listed, but I do not have
>>this issue. I am pretty sure the correct word is _not_ "coinomancy",
>>that's all I have to go on right now.

>Or perhaps Numistomancy.
I thought it might be something like this, though I would have expected
numismancy. Sounds weird though. Weirder than I would have expected, I

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