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Hiya All

Just skipping through a few of the 27 Digests which have built up.


> The Good Giants were a lot more sophisticated than you give them credit for.
> Their toy magic for their babies was of a sophistication which attracted all
> the magical empires of the Second Age. Their material culture is secondary,
> really - nobody ever judged the dragons after their artifacts...

As I recall, the Cradle had, amongst other toys, 6 foot cubes of all
the precious metals, including Truestone (or was it adamant?), a
device which showed all areas of the world, guardian statues, and a
hammer able to crack truestone. Unfortunately, I do not have my copy
of Pavis to hand. The Giants are incredibly sophisticated - after
all, their culture is second in age only to the Dragons and most True
Giants were alive before Time - they must know a few things.

>>Moreover the fact that the Giants are humanoid effectively dates
>>them to after the appearance of the Man Rune rather than the Dragon
>>Age (which I view as akin to a Dinosaurian Age upon Earth).
>I'd rather say that the Giants became humanoid when the Man Rune came up...

The fact that they are humanoid in form is meaningless - Gonn Orta is
150 metres tall and made of Stone, hardly linked to the Man Rune.

Bear in mind that Dragonewts are bipeds like humans and could equally
well be claimed to be "humanoid" thus linking them to the Man Rune,
not the Dragonewt Rune - utter balderdash. The Gods generally take the form of
humanoid creatures and are also not linked to the Man Rune.

Anyway, what is this concept of the "Good Giants"? What are they?
Presumably, Giants which do not eat us or jump up and down on our
houses or frighten our cattle away by belching and shouting. In my
mind, the True Giants (Gonn Orta's ilk) are not necessarily "Good"
and the "small" Giants are not necessarily "Bad". These Good Giants
stomped up and down on Robcradle - not a very Good thing to do. Gonn
Orta is probably an exception as he seems to be "Good" himself, but
we have not seen any other True Giants, so how do we know? I use the
terms "Giants" and "True Giants" to distinguish between those who
grow to only 16m tall and those who grow to 160m tall.

Rune Spells

>A second, somewhat rules-oriented question (boy, do I miss the
>rules digest!): Can an allied spirit cast divine magic that has been
>learned by its priest? If one person in a mindlink is touching a spell
>matrix, can another in the link use that spell?

Yes and probably yes (in my game, at least).

> So what do you think: in the HeroQuest called GameMastering, what is
> important: Intent or Action?

Intent - many of my most intricate storylines have arisen through
things which seemed to tie up with something that happened 5 years
ago and only now comes to fruition. A flexible GM can always manage
to seem as though he planned things way, way ahead but actually
winged on the day.


A lot has been said about Alakoring and Drang, but the major point
seems to have been missed. Alakoring was a Priest of Orlanth, a god
who fought Dragons many times in the GodTime. Alakoring must have had
access to Dragon-Fighting HeroQuests and obviously used them to
destroy Drang. Nobody can seriously persuade me that he was swallowed

and managed to cut his way out of the stomach, being immune to the
stomach acids or that he merely throtttled the dragon to death or any
other mundane methods.

The fact that the Quests are not written down does not make them any
more powerful. Look at the Carmanians, they used their HeroQuests to
Demonize dragons and then slay them. As they probably had access to
similar Quests as the Orlanthi, it seems fair that maybe Alakoring
could have done somehting similar (perhaps - not that I am hedging my

Personally, I feel that the Carmanians could negate the Draconic
Powers and make the Dragons appear to be merely normal Dragons when
they fought - turning them into Demons which are killable. I also
think that the Orlanthi HeroQuests gave the users powers against the
Dragons, enabling them to fight the dragons on their own terms, hence
they used magical weapons which could hurt dragons, had magical
shields and armour which could block the attacks and could become
stronger and more powerful as part of the fight.

It could be that part of Alakoring's success was the undermining of
the EWF's support network, weakening the dragons. However, more
people supported the EWF than opposed it, at least in the early days
when all was going well. I think that he became such a nuisance that
the leaders turned away from their projects to fight him rather than
ignoring him as they should have done. So he won by being a pain in
the neck.

Lead Crosses

>>Several times now when talk/debate/argument has turned to HQ's I've heard
>>the Lead Cross HQ mentioned. I'm aware that it involves a Humakti killing
>>a healer; but would someone care to explain the myth behind it, I presume
>>there's a life/death conflict going on but some details please.
>The story is supposedly given in Plunder! but I can't recall the

These appeared in the wonderful RQ2 supplement Plunder and have the
power that any Undead coming within a certain distance of one is

destroyed. Just the thing for an attack on a Vivamort Temple. A
HeroQuest was hinted at but never explained, just that is was frowned
on since it occasionally involved the killing of Healers. I seem to
recall this being expanded on somewhere, but my mind is a blank.

Maybe someone could enlighten us?

By the way, I see them as being like great Standards wielded by the
fanatical Humakti while poor Vampires hide behind rocks taking
pot-shots with poisoned Arbalests humming with sorcery.

Enough Rambling



If it has stats it can be killed.
If it is in the rules it can be abused.
If it is mentioned it can be targetted.
People can change the world and screw up the Timeline.
Restrictions are for NPCs, not for PCs.

Taking Power Gaming to new extremes (in a sensitive, role-playing way, of course)



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