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Peter Metcalfe wrote

> I've noticed that the EWF planned for the entire population of Dara
> Happa to be split among five cults. Any idea of what those cults
> are? The Golden Dragon is undoubtedly one whereas the New Blue
> Dragon also depicted in the Fortunate Succession.

Pure speculation: the five elements. You've named Fire and Water.

> What we really need is a plausible strategy to take out Dragons
> on the Battlefield. It can't be archery IMO because Alakoring
> was killed because he refused to believe in the power of Bows.

He was killed because he underestimated the range of *Aldryami* bows (and
because he assumed that he could apply his own cultural norms to the
Aldrya; probably he was the sort who just talks louder when foreigners
don't understand him).

> Savvy members of the EWF especially the
> Here-and-nows would have gotten wind of Alakoring and said 'guest-right
> be damned' and committed secret murder if he went into their borders.

I can't imagine they would have committed secret murder. The Orlanthi crime
occurs when you kill somebody and *don't tell anybody.* That's why it's a
secret. Surely the EWF would have gloated publicly at Alakoring's death.

> the Raibanth army
> that had been frightened to death by a Great Big Huge Dragon had
> prior experience in fighting dragons

As I recall it, this incident happened after the Dragonkill, which by
definition was a time when nobody had experience in fighting dragons.

Steve Lucek wrote

> I have a real problem with the vast majority of Orlanthi being initiates.
> My main qualm about it is that this would be a very strong force towards a
> theocratic society.

No more than Iceland suddenly became a theocracy after the decision to
become Christian. Or the Merovingian Franks were a theocracy (despite being
Christian, venerating St Martin, etc.).

> The strong ties of an
> initiate would surely erode the clan and tribal ties

This was apparently true in the Second Age; Alakoring Dragonbreaker put an
end to that.

> Since everyone
> has to do a little of everything, they are probably lay members of a general
> Orlanthi cult, worshipping the members of the whole pantheon. For the
>Task in
> hand, they pray to the appropriate member of that pantheon for a blessing

Exactly as I view it, except that everyone is an initiate of an Orlanth
cult, which gives them access to other members of the pantheon as

I believe a heroquest game similar to Mythos would be a much more
interesting game, because deck building would become an actual game! Your

character couldn't just pick any 52 cards to quest with, he'd have to have
earned them somehow. For example, each point of rune magic sacrificed to
Orlanth might entitle you to a Storm Magic card. You might have to
negotiate with the clan ring to get the Support of the Clan card. Etc.
(Greg and I had a discussion on these lines last year.)

On the other hand, a heroquest game might be obnoxious, in that (to be true
to heroquesting) you might really have to ante up cards as stakes, which
could be won by the other player (and kept, like Orlanth's Sandals of


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