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Oh, Collectible Card Game, I remember now. Please, no need to reply.

Paolo Guccione <>
Re: Free Will, Berserkers
>If I remember correctly, there are three cults that have access to the
>Berserk spell: Humakt, Storm Bull and Zorak Zoran. All of them are of
>course associated with the Death Rune. If I have left some cults out,
>please tell me.
Er, Basmol does, a variant anyways. I suspect Shargash does as well, and
GoG gives it to Babeester Gor as well. Doesn't one of the Lodril subcults
provide it, Monster Man I think. And the cult among the Doraddi which is
similar to Lodril, or possibly the Vangono cult, would have it as well.
Finally, I imagine that the Wachaza cult ought to, or some merman deity.

>And finally: elephants often go berserk when wounded. Did the now-dead
>elephant people who once inhabited northern Ralios (I cannot recollect
>their name and do not have my copy of Dorastor at hand) use to go
>berserk in battle?
Sounds good to me. And who says they are _really_ extinct? :)

Martin Laurie <102541.3423@CompuServe.COM>
Alakoring, Dragons & Dara Happa
>David Dunham:
>>Firstly, I remain unconvinced that Sothenik became the Sun Dragon (it's
>>more likely he was simply Captain Kirk, abandoning the administration
>>his crew and mission to go play adventuring).
>And according to my story, he met the Green skinned people and
presumably a
>Green skinned woman!!!!! Does that mean that his Shargashi bodyguards
>wore red
>armour? Was his Buseri always saying things like "God damnit Sothy, I'm
>astrologer, not a magician!"? Its too horrible to think about.
Didn't you know that the Moon Boats of the Lunar Empire are based on the
earlier Sun Shuttles of Dara Happa? And we all know that it is really a
ship in orbit around (er, um, over) Glorantha which sends down those
Sunspears, right?

Gods, I'm going to make _myself_ sick if I keep this up.

>The only way out of this that I can see is magic. Dream Dragons are
>killable by people but True Dragons take something special.
And who is not to say that all the dragons killed by the Dara Happans
were _true_ dragons. Most dragon-killing heroes in Glorantha are killers
of Dream Dragons, I am sure. Why should the DHs be any different?

>The ultimate irony for me is that Alakoring broke the control of the
>over politics by turning the _politicians_ into priests!
And how is that any different from any other society? Priests into
politicians, politicians into priests, it is pretty much a perpetual
motion machine.

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