Mercenary Totems

From: Nick Brooke (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 12:01:18 EET

David Weihe wrote:

> My take was always that some wolf tribes converted to Humakt in the
> earliest days, like the Ralian Cattle tribes converted to Orlanth.
> The personalities of a wolf pack and a mercenary unit are too similar
> to avoid the association.

I like it! Presumably this also happened to some tribes of Wild Goose
Hsunchen? :-)

Stephen P Martin wrote:

>> The EWF planned for the entire population of Dara Happa to be
>> split among five cults. Any idea of what those cults are?

> When this was _originally_ written (i.e., around 1986?), I assume
> the meaning was of the five expected Dara Happan cults.

That seems odd: I'd have assumed it was five weird EWF dragon-cults. Else
what's the point?

David Dunham's suggestion of five elemental dragons is neat: we have Earth
maybe being the Great Genertelan Dragon's wings: the Rockwood Mountains.
Water is its spine, the Oslir River. Fire is the intellect of the Golden
Dragon Emperor. Maybe Drang would have been its Storm component? That
leaves Darkness unknown (appropriately?): but does anyone out there know
what Cragspider's pet dragon was getting up to at the time? :-)

Re: Yara Aranis as a Spider -- we could always compare her parentage with
that of Time. Her father was our beloved Red Emperor (upholder of the Way
Things Ought To Be), and her mother was a castrating demon-goddess of the
Pentans (a Nightmare Thing that Should Not Be).

The parents of Time were Arachne Solara (the man-devouring spider goddess
of Nature) and Kajabor (the Devil of Entropy)...

There may be something in here, but I have no idea what. Synchronicity, or
just too much coffee?

Steve is worried by creativity:

> Otherwise, to people who don't have all the sources, an assumption
> could be made that you are quoting published or "official" (whatever
> that means) information.

Why, whatever you *say* is "official", is official, of course! Let's not
tie ourselves up in absurd semantic knots about this trivial non-issue. If

enough of us like something, we'll all use it. That's how Glorantha moves
forwards, now that there's no mass-market commercial/"official" published
material coming out any more.

"Tarsh War" is meant to be back from the printers this afternoon... I am
wetting myself with anticipation.



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