GRAY and Dragons

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Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 13:07:19 EET

Pam Carlson:

>Whoa! I thought FS was written LONG AFTER Yelmgatha died, that is, in
>1500 something.

Some parts about the Red Emperor are (the Lord of the Four Quarters
and the War against Sheng Seleris) but the list itself dates from
the seventh year of in the reign of the seventy seventh Emperor

>Yelmgatha supposedly found GRoY in Alkoth, which makes
>sense because it was one of the few places in DH that had NOT been
>conquered by the Carmanians.

Actually it was. It revolts when Emperor Bisoshan is enthroned
which is roughly 7 years after the surrender of Dara Happa to
the Carmanians. (Perhaps Bisoshan made a mistake in the Ten
tests?). All the Fortunate Succession says that it has never
been *plundered* when Yelmgatha found the GRAY. But it has been
captured many times then and a bit more when Sheng Seleris came

> One could presume that Alkoth had been
>cut off from the rest of DH by the Carmanians, so GRoY may have been new
>to Yelmgatha, but maybe not to the Alkothi.

I rather think the discovery of the GRAY is like the Book
of Law that was found in ancient Judea or the discovery of
Justinian's Codex in medieval Italy. Everybody knew the
Book was full of Great Truths but all thought the book had
been destroyed by Arkat or the EWF in bygone ages. But the
Book turns up in a little known shelf silently gathering

Stephen P Martin:

>Now all I need
>is a way to explain the 54 year gap between when they awoke and when they
>wiped everyone out!

I suppose it was a mad summoning by someone trying to call the Dragons
back so he could forge the EWF anew. But he fumbled his call so
the Dragons were free...

>I agree with this -- in effect, the EWF sacrificed their ability to use
>the powers of this dragon specifically by awakening it. Maybe a groggy
>dragon is easier to control (by the EWF) than a fully awake one?

How about taking your idea of the person manifesting the dragon's
powers and reversing the flow so that he can control the dragon's
movements? This would account for the groggy nature as he does
not have the full intellectual capacity to control the Dragon.
The Dancer could always awaken the True Dragon but then he would
be absorbed by the awakened Dragon Conciousness so that path is
only used as a last resort.

I just realized that there's a suitable myth in KoS that can be
used to simulate the EWF control of True Dragons - Orlanth and
Arangorf dancing the perfect dance so that they reflected each
other. So that when one was frightening, the other was ready
to be frightened. Just as the EWF could use friendly dragons
to control the Gods that the could use humans to control the

Did the Dragon Sun dance with Yelm in the Bright Sunlight?

- --Peter Metcalfe


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