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From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 12:33:14 EET

[is my heroquesting PC a God Learner?]
>Since all of this could be used to describe Argrath, IMO, you could ask
>this question of him. And have just as hard a time answering it, I think.

        Oh, I wish you hadn't said that. He's already half convinced he is
the saviour of Sartar and liberator of Prax, he'll be referring to himself
as 'Argrath' before I know it, and trying to unifying the tribes and attain
draconic powers. There'll be no end of trouble.

        (and yes, I think many modern Gloranthan heroes use some Arkati or
God Learner techniques, especially PCs and Lunars, but that doesn't mean
they are Arkati or God Learners)



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