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Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 12:39:58 EET

Stephen Martin

> As a Carmanian, I don't think Yanafal Ta'arnils had ever _heard_ of the
> Humakt cult when he helped to create the Red Goddess. He probably
> worshiped the Carmanian War God (Carmanos?), which has some similarities
> to the Humakt cult. But from what little I remember about Carmanos, I
> think it likely the War Cult of Carmania allowed resurrection. For the
> right people. I could be wrong.

If I can recollect the original description in Prosopaedia (how much of
it has been Gregged?), it stated that Yanafal Tarnils "bested his
master, Humakt". It may well have been Carmanos, in fact, and the
current identification with Humakt may be an imperial addition to show
evidence of the superiority of the Seven Mothers versus the Storm Gods,
but the connection with the Truth rune suggests that it was Humakt, most

Be it Humakt or Carmanos, I do not think YT has _inherited_ the practice
of resurrecting the dead from a pre-dating cult. I prefer the
interpretation whereas he, as a mortal, HeroQuested to gain access to
it. Maybe he discovered a very warped version of the Lightbringer, which
he later used in the ritual that recreated the Goddess. The comment
about YT defeating Humakt may well refer to his achievement in reversing
the usual "once dead, you stay with Humakt" geas of the Humakti, rather
than his being victorious in a contest of arms.

> Now there is a nice idea. Though it does beg the question of who makes up
> the corners of the Law rune -- there are Four castes (plus the women) in
> Malkioni culture. Is one of them inside the Triangle, or what?

Nice idea indeed! But have the castes _always_ been three? The Rune
obviously predates the Lesser Darkness, but I am unsure whether Horali
were present in the ancient Kingdom of Logic. I view them as a new caste
introduced when the need to battle the Elder Races and the Savage Men
arose. Nick Brooke's History of Malkionism (quasi-official) states that
the class of Knights was introduced by Hrestol _after_ the Dawning. If
this is correct, the three vertices of the Law rune are Talar (mind),
Dromal (body) and Zzabur (soul). I think that Brithini identify them

with principles, not people, while theist malkioni do name them as the
three original castes, as you suggested.

Paolo Guccione


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