Carmanian Humakti

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 12:26:09 EET

>As a Carmanian, I don't think Yanafal Ta'arnils had ever _heard_ of the
>Humakt cult when he helped to create the Red Goddess. He probably
>worshiped the Carmanian War God (Carmanos?), which has some similarities
>to the Humakt cult. But from what little I remember about Carmanos, I
>think it likely the War Cult of Carmania allowed resurrection. For the
>right people. I could be wrong.

        Beware, I think you have meddled with the nature of the universe
too much, and will soon feel the wrath of the spirits of thousands of
retconned* Humakti and Yanafali, who will hunt you to the ends of the earth.

        * a word from net comics groups, meaning retroactive continuity.

        Seriously, the relationship between Humakt and Yanafals is FAR too
well established to get away with dramatically changing without really
upsetting most of the Gloranthan community (make the Elmal controversy seem

like nothing). Its in the history of the Lunar Empire, in G:COTHW, the cult
writeups, half the Humakti or Yanafali characters ever written, and the
best sources of Carmanian info available on the net (Nicks excellent (and

damned-near-official) Carmanian material, available on his site and
Lorens). And I can almost feel Andrew Joelson's Rupert von Harl, of
>Andrew Joelson -|-
>aka Rupert von Harl; Cults of Seven Mothers, Yanifal Tarnils and Humakt |

swooping down to behead you now.

        Now, Yanafals almost certainly did not worship 'Humakt'. But he
almost certainly worshipped a Carmanian god that a Manirian (or Provincial

Yanafali) would recognise as being a lot like Humakt, and that a God
Learner would almost certainly think was the same guy. A god who didn't

allow Resurrection and had some serious death magic. And probably not
Carmanos, who is quite a different guy, more a mystery god of the shahs
than of the soldiers, unlikely to be confused with Humakt - the Carmanians
have a whole bunch of gods (the EthTelsen, the hundred lesser gods) that
the simpler orders like Hazars or Karmanoi are allowed to worship, one of
whom is a great deal like Humakt and often referred to as such. We just
haven't got around to making up a neat Carmanian name for him yet AFAIK, or
describing how the Carmanian Humakti differ from all the others (though
Peter Michaels old 'Humakti Hearts' idea had some cool bad press on the the
Carmanian Humakti). Nick?
        Personally, I think there is a Carmanian god with a Carmanian name,
who is a god of soldiers and death, who hates Resurrection and who has game
stats very similar to the Humakt cult, who is recognised as 'Humakt' by
modern Yanafali much as Turos is recognised as Lodril by modern Lodrili.
The Sartarites etc. just assume that Yanafals fought Humakt, because they
don't deny it, it certainly sounds like it, and almost none of them have
the cultural sophistication to think how unlikely it is that the Carmanians
have the same religion by the same name.



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