Humakt & Yanafal

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Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 19:21:05 EET

Peter Metcalfe:
> He has two arms, two legs and a head? Remember Dwarves and Elves
> have been claimed for the 'Man Rune'. And he's not made of stone,
> he's turning into stone.

        It has been pointed out recently onthe digest that Elves are
linked to the Plant Rune, not the Man Rune, and I think Mostali are
linked to Stone (?). Dwarves may very well be linked to the Man Rune,
but they are a manufactored race, cobbled together by the Mostali.

> KoS p70 'Orlanth strode into its mouth and seized the upper jaw
> with his hands and place his foot against its lower jaw,
> and with a shout of victory tore the dragon asunder'.

        Sounds a lot like Vidar killing the Fenris Wolf at Ragnarok
to me. (Vidar possed an iron shoe; when he put his foot down, it
pinned anything underneath hopelessly to the ground. So he put the
shoe on Fenris's lower jaw and ripped upwards with all his strength.)


David Cake:
* And I can almost feel Andrew Joelson's Rupert von Harl, of
*>Andrew Joelson -|-
*>aka Rupert von Harl; Cults of Seven Mothers, Yanifal Tarnils and Humakt |
* swooping down to behead you now.

        Beheading is so unseemly for this poor fellow; after all, what
is his crime? Misunderstanding the Lunar Way?

David Cake then goes on to speculate that YT actually "fought" a very
Humakt-like Carmanian god, who reamins nameless. The Sartarites/Praxians
behind CoP and the Prosepedia just misunderstod... An interesting theory,
but not to my liking. I prefer to think that YT actually joined up with
the Humakt cult whilst in exile. The experience strengthened him against

the inevitable time of his triumphal return to Peloria, and granted him
knowledge & magics relatively unknown to the Carmanians. And while on
this southern sojurn, he met Irrippi Ontor....
        Of course, it is possible that some of Talor's followers picked
up on Arkat's Humakt during the Gbaji Wars, and carried it back to
Fronela with them when they went home. Then some sort of Humakt (Humct?)
cult could have come back east with Karmanos.

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