Crows, ravens and Humakti

From: D. Pearton (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 21:23:13 EET

Hi all,

Here is a bit of a different take on the ravens, et al. debate. Back home
in Africa we did not have ravens. What we did have, however, were (far
too many) white breasted crows. These were mostly black but had a white
splotch on thier front that might be mistaken for a death rune "at a
certain angle, in a certain light". I'm sure that if these were found in
Ralios there would be some myth about Humath subduing raven and converting
him to a loyal companion with the mark on his breast to signify this.

While we are going on about trickster birds I will make a very strong
claim that the trickster in Teshnos (which has also probably spread all
over Palmatela) is the Mhyna bird. These are increadibly intellligent
(the best talkers in the bird world) but also loud, brash, irritating and
pranksterish - perfect tricksters.

Enjoy the Chicago Con everybody - I wish I could join the rest of the
Seattle Farmers Collective in their conversion efforts but real life
intervenes at the most inconvenient times. See you all in Victoria

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Dave Pearton
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