Sothenik and EWF

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Wed 22 Jan 1997 - 22:50:00 EET

David Dunham:
>Firstly, I remain unconvinced that Sothenik became the Sun Dragon (it's
>more likely he was simply Captain Kirk, abandoning the administration of
>his crew and mission to go play adventuring).

I loved Martin's story, but had some nitpicking I didn't voice then:
Sothenik quite clearly accompanied Gonn Orta on his quest to liberate the
Jolanti of the Nidan Decamony. If Sothenik ended up in the EWF, that must
have happened after accompanying the Jolanti to Aggar.

How a giant-friend would fit into draconic EWF is another question, but a
need for a hold over Dara Happa may have sufficed.

>So I think the EWF's success against Dara Happa largely rests on the fact
>that there's nothing special about Dara Happa -- it's just an empire, and
>can rise and fall like any other, and it's most likely to fall to a young,
>rising empire. And it's far from clear that it really rises the same after
>each fall.

About as continuous as the Egyptian Empire, with a Persian dynasty (among

Yet the Empire did have special magics, and the Dragon Emperor had the same

>And why are dragons so special? Dara Happa killed large numbers of them
>during Dismanthuyar's reign.

Using Carmanian techniques, which involved becoming draconic themselves (at
least to some extent). Most of the large numbers of dragons slain will have
been dragonewts...

>Alakoring had an army at his back; it's
>possible his dragonkilling was as simple as flying large numbers of player
>characters (nobody else would be stupid or lucky enough) onto the dragon so
>they could stab its weak spot.

I doubt that very much. However, he was well known for cutting the support
from the EWF leaders, so he may have severed some of the support for Drang
first in his battle.


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