Alakoring Dragonbreaker

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Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 06:54:51 EET

Not that this has a lot of bearing on the questions being discussed, but
there is an old map of Greg's which has locations of temples marked on
it. Few of these are named.

However, the notes of the Old Wind Temple specifically mention that
Alakoring Rex is one of the deities worshiped there. Also, there is a
temple which is marked as being (primarily) dedicated to Alakoring

Dragonbreaker. I can't make out exactly what the location is (the map is
very small scale), but it is about mid way between Heron Green Fort and
the Dragon's Eye. Even at that scale, this seems to be awful close to the
Dragonewt Capital for my comfort (if I was worshiping a dragon-slaying

Looking at the map of Sartar tribes in Tales 6, this would place the
temple within the lands of the Dinacoli Tribe, most likely.

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