the necessity of Big Shoes

From: David Cake (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 05:39:10 EET

Peter pertinently quotes one of Orlanths techniques
>KoS p70 'Orlanth strode into its mouth and seized the upper jaw
> with his hands and place his foot against its lower jaw,
> and with a shout of victory tore the dragon asunder'.

        Hmmmm.... Greg probably cribbed this from the Norse Ragnarok, where
silent Vidarr eventually kills Fenris by this very method (after Fenris has
eaten Odin, IIRC). In the Norse myth, the two essential heroic elements
that the god Vidarr has are
a) being very very strong, obviously
b) the Big Shoe. Vidarr has a magic shoe made out of all the little leather
offcuts that cobblers throw away, which prevents Fenris from hurting his
feet or lifting his jaw while this manouver is in progress. Wonder how
Orlanth manages it, wearing only sandals? Or perhaps he has special
footware for dragon fighting, the Big Docs or similar.

        Just thought you'd all like to know.




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