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"Simon Phipp" <simon.phipp@walshwestern.com>
Too many things to read and comment on
>Lead Crosses
>These appeared in the wonderful RQ2 supplement Plunder and have the

Actually, they appeared in Wyrms Footnotes 11, not Plunder. Also
appearing with them were Swords of Sharpness, Uleria Charms, Thunderous
Comb, and Tin Compasses.

David Dunham <dunham@pensee.com>
Re: Alakoring and the EWF
>> the Raibanth army
>> that had been frightened to death by a Great Big Huge Dragon had
>> prior experience in fighting dragons
>As I recall it, this incident happened after the Dragonkill, which by
>definition was a time when nobody had experience in fighting dragons.
I believe that you are incorrect here -- the event described a survivor's
(or ghosts?) account of the Dragonkill War. The ghost only _appeared_ a
while after the Dragonkill.
>I believe a heroquest game similar to Mythos would be a much more
>interesting game, because deck building would become an actual game!

>On the other hand, a heroquest game might be obnoxious, in that (to be
>to heroquesting) you might really have to ante up cards as stakes, which
>could be won by the other player (and kept, like Orlanth's Sandals of
Well, that's one of the things Magic is supposed to be all about. Why not
Hero Cards, the collectible card game of Gloranthan HeroQuesting. Only
with a GM, to dole out the cards which you then trade. And to make sure
you don't do any Arkat or God-Learner stuff and start collecting other
gods' myth cards. Unles you have somehow obtained an Illumination card,
in which case it is all right. Unless the other players find out about
it, when they sick the Uroxi on you....

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