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Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 01:45:42 EET

Stephen P Martin:


>Not _changing_ their shape. It is all a matter of perception. The Elder
>Giants right now appear to be mountains -- have they _always_ been
>mountains, or are they very tall men with dirt all over them? I prefer
>that they have _always_ been mountains, just as Gonn Orta is slowly
>turning into one. Is he humanoid? Certainly. But is he _only_ humanoid?
>Certainly not -- soon he will be a big rock.

I always thought that people could still see the original giants
that make up the Good Giant Mountains with special types of magical
vision. You might have a case with respect to the Bull-shaped hills
near the Paps...

>>Malkion would be one
>>of the circumpolar stars and probably Arraz. I wonder if they
>>view the Arraz-Polaris-Ourania as the Law Rune?

>Now there is a nice idea. Though it does beg the question of who makes up
>the corners of the Law rune -- there are Four castes (plus the women) in
>Malkioni culture. Is one of them inside the Triangle, or what?

The four Just (as opposed to the original) sons of Malkion (ie Yingar,
Froalar) plus Xemala would be a seperate constellation IMO as Malkion
is not a member of a caste.

As for the other holders of the Celestial Law rune, the only two names
I can come up with are Zrethus (mentioned in Elder Secrets as being
another name for Dayzatar) would be the Pole Star and Setum (a Seshnegi
Sky God in Jonat's Saga). If Zrethius is the Polestar that might
account for the confusion that the Polestar is thought of as Dayzatar's

[Arkat's constellation]

>>The third as
>>every Malkioni knows is Arkat who starts of with such bright
>>promise and ends up in darkness.

>And what about the blinking star? Is that Arkat, or one of his heroes?

The third star is the blinking star.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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