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Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 09:22:54 EET

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> Simon Phipp:
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> Me>>Moreover the fact that the Giants are humanoid effectively dates
> >>them to after the appearance of the Man Rune rather than the Dragon
> >>Age (which I view as akin to a Dinosaurian Age upon Earth).
> >The fact that they are humanoid in form is meaningless - Gonn Orta is
> >150 metres tall and made of Stone, hardly linked to the Man Rune.
> He has two arms, two legs and a head? Remember Dwarves and Elves
> have been claimed for the 'Man Rune'. And he's not made of stone,
> he's turning into stone.
> >Bear in mind that Dragonewts are bipeds like humans and could equally
> >well be claimed to be "humanoid" thus linking them to the Man Rune,
> >not the Dragonewt Rune - utter balderdash.
> Naturally as they are lefthanded and have a tail, unlike say
> dwarves, elves, trolls, humans etc.

        Does this mean that all beings in Glorantha tied to the Man Rune are
right-handed? Or are lefties stigmatised in some fashion? I have visions of a
whole tribe
 of left-handed people, the "Southpaws", regarded as not quite human by the
rest of Gloranthan society.

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