From: Lewis Jardine (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 11:40:51 EET

> Hey, regarding truestone. Say I screwed up and accidently told PC's
> that a non-renewable spell was stored in an object. Is it possible
> that it is REALLY stored in truestone?


Truestone stores divine magic, however once cast it must be recharged by
recasting the spell into it (no worship ceremony will get it back into
the stone).
> What happens if a one-use spell, stored in truestone, is cast?
The spell is no longer available until "replaced" by an identical one.

> Also, I'm under the impression that when some poor choad
> (Er, read RuneLord of immense power) picks up a piece of "blank" truestone,
> he starts pumping all of his spells into it and he's more or less back to
> the magical status of initiate. (Though, he's got one heck of a nice matrix
> that just requires a worship ceremony to renew....and comes with
> "Worship and Sanctify His God" built in...
> Is this correct, or am I confusing different issues?

Well, here we hit upon a grey area of da roolz. If you read them
this appears to be what they say. However, with RQ2 hindSight this is
my version.

If you pick up a blank Truestone you cast all your divine magic into
Thus "setting" the Truestone. The Truestone is not like a matrix in
that it
only stores Divine Magic, it cannot regain it. The only way to refill
it is
to recast the spells into it.

You may not regain any of these spells until they have been cast from
the Truestone.
Then they once more become available for you to pray for.

This version conserves Divine Magic in that it is not lost and can only
be accessed
in one place at one time.

The ?official? version means that the RL loses his reuseable spells and
become one use!

An alternative (grosser) version allows you to regain the spells even
while they
are still in the Truestone!



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