Re: Lead Crosses

From: David Weihe (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 18:56:41 EET

> From: (Stephen P Martin)
> "Simon Phipp" <>
> >Lead Crosses
> >=========
> >These appeared in the wonderful RQ2 supplement Plunder and have the
> Actually, they appeared in Wyrms Footnotes 11, not Plunder. Also
> appearing with them were Swords of Sharpness, Uleria Charms, Thunderous
> Comb, and Tin Compasses.

Actually, they appeared in both, because I bought Plunder long before my
copies of Wyrms Footnotes, and they were there, along with Rhino Fat,
that spear made from a Giant's leg, Herdbeast Tails, Morocanth Thumbs,

and various other semiuseful items, most of which weren't in WF11.

Unfortunately, they only listed the powers of the item, who could make
it, and how general the knowledge of the previous was.

I don't have the Humakti issue of TotRM, and it's out of print; is
there anything in it? I've gathered a few bits and pieces from the
archived Digest, but not near enough to form a whole Myth.


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