Temple to Alakoring Dragonbreaker

From: WillTwist@aol.com
Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 23:25:15 EET

>>Also, there is a temple which is marked as being (primarily) dedicated to
>>Alakoring Dragonbreaker. I can't make out exactly what the location is (the
map is >>very small scale), but it is about mid way between Heron Green Fort
and the >>Dragon's Eye. Even at that scale, this seems to be awful close to
the Dragonewt >>Capital for my comfort (if I was worshiping a dragon-slaying

In our game, the gm made this a shrine on the side of a cliff. The walls of
the cliff had been scorched so badly in the past that they are still
blackened. At the base of the cliff there is a silhouette of a man standing
out in contrast to the blackened cliff. Followers of Alakoring Dragonbreaker
can make contact with his spirit there. This subcult is especially hated
because of their frequent raids on roving dragonnewts and the shrine is
commonly staked out by beaked dragonnewts hunting worshippers. Needless to
say, it makes for a bad encounter when ignorant Orlanthi wander by this sight
without knowing its history -- "No really, we like dragonnewts!" "Kill the
taillesssss onesssss!"

 -- Will Johnson


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