Shadow Cats

From: Simon Phipp (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 12:57:29 EET

Pam Carlson on Shadow Cats (Alynxes)

> To me, those beasties sound pretty darn big. I'd hate to feed one.
> And, I'd really hate to have one get fed up with being petted, turn, and
> bite me - like so many earth-type house cats do.

Think of them more like small leopards - nearly big cat status but
not quite. Probably about as nasty as a standard big dog which we can
feed with ease.

>Can we assume that alynxes are more social & better domesticated than housecats?

Why? One of their best traits is independence. If you want a nice,
tame one then awaken it as your allied spirit and treat it nicely. I
think that Shadow Cats are far more fun as cantankerous, half-wild

> Another limiting size factor would be travel. Cats are built for power &
> stealth, not speed & endurance, so a 60 kilo alynx would be hard-pressed
> to keep up with a rider all day. They seem to be an animal best suited
> to hunting (and travelling) on foot.

Not a problem. Proper Orlanthi do not mess about with horses anyway,
either travelling by foot, by cart or by flying. On foot a Shadow Cat

can easily keep up, on a cart it would sit in the back and purr, if
flying it will dig its claws in and stay with you.

Simon Phipp
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