Yelm and Shargash Cult write-up

From: Chris Wehman (
Date: Thu 23 Jan 1997 - 21:50:22 EET

        I was wondering if anyone has written up a more definitive Yelm
Cult write-up for Dara Happa based upon GRoY and FS. I have the

undescriptive GoG version and a more complete version from some
magazine(can't remember which) but both seems too general and God
Learnerized. Basically I have been keeping certain aspects found in GRoY
(like Saggitus, etc.) and dumping others that seem more barbarian oriented
(Yelmalio, Hippoi). I realize this represents integrating a lot of the
lunar, city, and regional cults. I am curious to see how people have
handled this.

        I was also wondering if anyone had a write-up or outline for the
Alkothi Shargash Cult. I read the great story by Martin Laurie and was

wondering if he or his GM had fleshed out something basic(spells, spirits,
associates, etc.).

Pelorian and Dara Happan Healers:
        There seems to be some confusion in the literature as to who the
various healing deities are in the area, and to what degree each is
        There is Deezola, but she seems to be purely lunar and is therefore
a relatively newish cult(~400 years). I would assume that this cult is
favored by healers in Peloria with a heavy Lunar bent or who are more
interested in missionary medicine in the provinces.

        The healing goddess of GRoY(or at least from the Gods Wall) is
Erissa and stems from pre-time. I would assume that this the cult is
purely Dara Happan, largely city-based, and is the associate cult that the
magazine Yelm write-up should refer to instead of Chalana Arroy (offering

more than just the restore vision in RoC). I would assume that this is a
cult of decreasing worship base,due to Deezola.
        Chalana Arroy and various subcults make up the last healer cults
that are proported to be in Peloria(RoC). Is merely as a result of RoC
being an older source than GRoY? Would this cult have any footing at all
in the Lunar Heartlands, esp. Dara Happa? Or would it merely be found in
the barbarian areas surrounding?

Golden Bow:

        In the magazine Yelm write-up I have, it mentions the god Golden
Bow as one of the associates of Yelm. I realize that people have fleshed

out the Grazers and have installed Golden Bow as part of the Yelm the
Warrior (Jardan) sect. Among the pentians, G:CotHW suggests that it is its

own cult separate from the Yelm cult. I was wondering if the Dara Happans
had assimilated the cult into the pantheon or a part of it into say the
saggitus subcults of Yelm. I realize that the Golden Bow cult is a product

of horse-riding nomads, but I was wondering if it was used as the cult of
cavalry units in the Dara Happan empire at any time.

Any replies would be appreciated,


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