More Bad News

From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Fri 24 Jan 1997 - 05:43:52 EET

>>--------> Public Service Announcement <--------<<

        Greg Stafford has come down with the flu, mere hours before
heading for the airport. He will not be able to attend Glorantah Con
IV. Most of the seminars he was participating in will continue, with
his fellow panelists carrying on without. However:

1. First Age Seminar; to be chaired by Sandy Petersen.

2. EWF seminar; cancelled. Replaced by a seminar on Carmania by
    Nick Brooke & Paul Reilly.

3. Stafford Reads; Eric Rowe is bringing along the material that Greg
    was going to read. This material will be read by a guest speaker
    (we are currently sorting through volunteers).

We don't seem to be having much luck here in Chicago, but at least the
weather is co-operating. Should stay in the 20's all weekend.

        Andrew Joelson
        Chairman, GC IV
        also official Render of Hair & Gnasher of Teeth

Drink Orlanth-Cola!


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