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* James Turner <> wrote:
> ...if we are not a fanatical few why can't avalon hill make it a
> comercially viable line?

        Welcome to the list, James. As far as I know, Avalon Hill has
*never* had anyone officially address this list. I saw Jack Dott at RQ Con
II, but AH's plans for RQ have never been revealed to the RQ public in
general. I'm sorry to say that the only conclusion I can make is that they
must feel that RQ isn't worth spending time one. Guess _Girl's Life_ is
the mainstay of the AH empire now...

* "Simon Phipp" <> wrote:
> Not a problem. Proper Orlanthi do not mess about with horses anyway,
> either travelling by foot, by cart or by flying.

        Er...then why is a 90% Ride one of the skills required for a Wind

        There's one thing that I've never seen explained, and that it how
Wind Lords in Lunar-occupied territory don't get caught. My Sartarite
character is on the road to becoming a Wind Lord, but as soon as he does
he'll have to start chanting poetry to practically everything he meets --

including "Foul Chaos..." to Lunars, I suspect -- and will no doubt be
picked up and executed immediately.

        Martin Crim posted some excellent stuff about shadowcats some time
ago. One thing that particularly struck a chord was that despite their
small size, they do not receive a damage penalty. I recall that being the
case for some other small creatures, but can't remember the source.

        Other questions: Would an awakened shadowcat speak Spirit Speech?
Storm Speech? Could it use Mindspeak (an Orlanthi spell) to speak to other
Initiates? Since the spell makes use of sub-vocalization, and as far as I
know even an awakened alynx is incapable of speech without the direct
inspiration of Orlanth, I have to wonder.

        One last question, this one on copyrights. Over a long time I've
developed a RQIII info sheet. It's a player's aid with the most useful
tables and lists on it, as well as house rules -- all in miniaturized
form, so it fits on one double-sided page. I and many other players have
found it very useful over the years. I'd like to put it up on my web site,
but I have a feeling that that may not be wise from a copyright point of
view. I'm sure I'll hear a lot about this... :-)

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