Natural Disasters and Pelorian Cults

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James Turner:

>Anyway to my question, are there any fault zones in glorantha?

The Rockwood Mountains would be the most obvious. I don't know
of any corresponding rifts unless you count the trench in the
middle of the Ocean.

>Do earthquakes even occur? What about other natural disasters?

Earthquakes, Floods and Volcanic Eruptions are known to occur in
Glorantha. Many hold Maran Gor responsible for the earthquakes,
the local river god for the floods and Lodril for the Vol
>I've read
>that the GL's suffered from storms because of their actions, could this
>happen to others?


>How can this sort of thing occur with the great compromise in effect?

Most scholars would reply that the Compromise refers to spiritual
interventions and not mundane ones. They argue bitterly about
whether Lightning strikes are deliberate acts of Orlanth or
simple mundane manifestations of the Storm Rune.

Chris Wehman:

> I was wondering if anyone has written up a more definitive Yelm
>Cult write-up for Dara Happa based upon GRoY and FS.

No, but I have thought about it heaps.

Rather than have a standardized cult, I reckon the writeup
reflects an averaged picture of what the perfect Yelm
worshipper would be like and most do not follow this

In particular, I think that it varies between City to City.
For the second yelmic stage, some cities might not have a
stage of Yelm the Archer (ie Sagittus) and replace it with
Yelm the Rider (Hyalor). Others might use Hastatus instead.

I think that the Yelm the Youth stage is the same as joining
your local city cult (ie Raiba, Alkor, Yuthu).

Now if you reach a certain stage, you may elect to remain
in that stage rather than continue the next. People who
do this eventually end up in the cult hieriachy of that
particular stage. A member of Yelm the Archer may choose
not to become a Sun Lord but eventually attain the rank
of Imperial Archer and preside over the ceremonies to
Sagittus. Many of the City God Priests started of as
Yelm the Youth but elected not to join the army.

This would have an effect on the magics a Yelm worshipper
would recieve. Thus the Yelmics of Torang are known for
their bird magics whereas the Yelmics of Yuthuppa are very
Priestly. The Yelmics of Alkoth would be very bloodthirsty
and so forth. The only constant thing would be the Cult of
Yelm the Emperor which is pretty much the same all over the
Peloria (this helps keeps the Empire together).

A Yelmic could go to a cult of another city and learn of the
secrets of Yelm known by that city (outsider prejudice not-

Hence for the main cities, it would look something like:

Torang: Vrimak, Sagittus, Tholm, Imperator, Buserian(1).

Dinzizzi: Zatkuranits, Kargzant(2), Golden Bow(3), Imperator, Buserian.

Yuthuppa: Yuthu, Sagittus, Buserian, Imperator, Dayzatar(4).

Raibanth: Raiba, Sagittus, Antirius, Imperator, Buserian.

Alkoth: Alkor, Hastatus, Shargash, Imperator, Buserian.

Jillaro: Nivorah, Hyalor, Vuranostum(5), Imperator, Buserian.

Haranshold: Haran(6), Hastatus, Manimat, Imperator, Buserian.

Glamour: Moonson(7), Sagittus, Yanafal Tarnils(8), Imperator, Buserian.

(1) He is more often called Yelm the Sage or Yelm the Elder.
     Buserian is only used in Yuthuppa.

(2) The people of Velthil are barely distingushiable from
     barbarians. The Dinzizzi cult of Kargzant does not have
the elaborate age structure of the nomadic cult.

(3) Scholars have remarked that Golden Bow is actually
     part of the Kargzant cult among the barbarians. They
end up being dragged behind a galloping horse if they remark
too loudly in Velthil.

(4) This station is often called the Elder of Yelm rather
     than Yelm the Elder in Yuthuppan ceremonies. Those
who retire to the station of Yelm the Elder from commoner
cults are treated as members of Buserian rather than
Dayzatar in Yuthuppa. Opinion is divided between the
Yuthuppans and Everybody Else on whether this is a Good
(5) Vuranostum appears to be the Rune Lord stage of the
     Hyalor according to outsiders.

(6) Shah Haran the Great. The people of Haranshold deny that
     he worshipped Idovanus.

(7) The Living God. Worshippers of Moonson in other cities
     are not treated as Yelm Worshippers unless they qualify by
other means. Foreign Moonson worshippers can gatecrash the
Yelmic Ceremonies in Glamour.

(8) Worshippers of Yanafal Tarnils in other cities are also
     not considered Yelm worshippers.

> I was also wondering if anyone had a write-up or outline for the
>Alkothi Shargash Cult.

Well he teaches Beserk and True Maul. I'm pretty certain that
he has Thunderbolt and I think he knows Lightning as well. I
reckon his cult is rather basic in structure with initiates and
Rune Lords. Certain Priests in Yuthuppa might also know him
but they're not considered part of the Shargash Cult.

However I think that most people in Alkoth worship Shargash
through the Yelm Cult as waffled about above.

> There is Deezola, but she seems to be purely lunar and is therefore
>a relatively newish cult(~400 years). I would assume that this cult is
>favored by healers in Peloria with a heavy Lunar bent or who are more
>interested in missionary medicine in the provinces.
I'm not actually sure Deezola is primarily a Healer Goddess. She's
also revered by Nobles and Poets. However I don't think that many
healers pay too much attention to her and rely on their traditional

> The healing goddess of GRoY(or at least from the Gods Wall) is
>Erissa and stems from pre-time.
> Chalana Arroy and various subcults make up the last healer cults
>that are proported to be in Peloria(RoC).

I wouldn't make a distinction between Chalana Arroy and Erissa in
terms of cults. IMO Over the years, the healers have gradually
adopted each others techniques and knowlege so that a Healer in
Safelster is pretty similar to a healer in Peloria or Maniria.
The chief difference is the names and the spells. In the Heartlands
the Healer is known as Erissa and gives the spell of Restore Sight.
In Dragon Pass and South Peloria, the Healer is known as Chalana
Arroy and gives Cure Chaos Wound.

Of course this is all my opinion and it is also my opinion that
Carthage must be destroyed.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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