Re: Wind Lords in Lunar-occupied terr.

From: David Weihe (
Date: Fri 24 Jan 1997 - 18:13:31 EET

> There's one thing that I've never seen explained, and that it how
> Wind Lords in Lunar-occupied territory don't get caught. My Sartarite
> character is on the road to becoming a Wind Lord, but as soon as he does
> he'll have to start chanting poetry to practically everything he meets --
> including "Foul Chaos..." to Lunars, I suspect -- and will no doubt be
> picked up and executed immediately.

If he starts giving the chant to every Lunar he meets he certainly WILL
get caught. In occupied Sartar, while there is the Lunar puppet, you
can get away with being a Wind Lord by avoiding any offence against the
Lunar "scribes" and "councellers" (read: publicly known spies) that
every known member of the elite is given (stuck with), and not getting
caught in anything by the secret spies. This requires recognizing that
most Lunars are no more Chaotic than the Royal Family was, with its
Telmori bodyguards. This is, of course, not easy, but doable.

OTOH, you will not be allowed to be promoted unless you are politically
reliable. If you really can't handle walking the narrow line, you can
either go into the hills with the bandits (Free Sartar Army) (bunch of
thugs taking advantage of the situation), or wrangle an assignment that
takes you outside of Lunar control, such as a trip to the Holy Country
(before it falls apart) or Ralios, and getting the promotion there.

The closer to the Reaching Moon disaster that you get, the harder it is
to manage the trick, without becoming either a Quisling or a bandit. I also
expect that some hedge Wind Lords have to be carefully moved from place
to place by an Underground Railroad-like group of initiates and friendly
non-Orlanthi, to avoid the chance that their charges (the suicidal idiots)
will run afoul of any of the known chant geases.

Thank God that I play a Vendref Humakti; we have it much easier.


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