Argrathian continuity

From: Michael Cule (
Date: Sat 25 Jan 1997 - 01:04:46 EET

A thought that occurred to me: At the peace negotiations after
Starbrow's Rebellion, Fazzur Wideread shows the Sartarite leaders the
Hell where Sheng Seleris is imprisoned.

Some years later, Argrath goes to that Hell and rescues Sheng Seleris.

Now, obviously some of the description of the vision that Fazzur got to
Argrath and he used it in his quest. But could he have been there himself, as part
of the Sartarite delegation? What do people think? Especially those
more learned in the continuity than me? Jane Williams, you there?

And another thing. Does anyone have any clear or ingenious ideas about
what's going on when Argrath convinces the Colymar that he is from a
part of their tribe they have lost track of? Is this a magnificent
con-job or something truly mystical?

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