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Date: Fri 24 Jan 1997 - 21:48:03 EET

Chris Wehman:

> I was wondering if anyone has written up a more definitive Yelm
>Cult write-up for Dara Happa based upon GRoY and FS. I have the
>undescriptive GoG version and a more complete version from some
>magazine(can't remember which) but both seems too general and God

 Ooohh, big call. The problem with the Dara Happan Yelmic cult is that I
don't think people know how Dara Happan Magic works, it appears that it
certainly origanted around Tribal Ceremony etc... and concepts like Rune

magic and spirit magic are newly introduced. Secondly, there is very little
that you can pin down about the cult of Yelm. I'd certainly like to give it
a go, but it'd be a gargantuan task at that. Not to say that it can't be
done, but what ever version anybody comes up with will be gregged pretty
damn quick.

 Personally I apply the GoG version to the cult of Ehilm in Galin, Ralios,
and to the Sun County/Sun Dome areas. I think a version exceedingly similiar
to this one would exist in the Grazelands as Yu-Kargzant and to Pent as
Kargzant. The cult of Yelm would, IMHO, be a conglomerate of a large number
(but not all) of the gods of the Yelm pantheon i.e. Antirius, Buserian,
Saggitus etc... with cults like those of Polaris, Shargash and Erissa
remaining seperate.

> Chalana Arroy and various subcults make up the last healer cults
>that are proported to be in Peloria(RoC). Is merely as a result of RoC
>being an older source than GRoY? Would this cult have any footing at all
>in the Lunar Heartlands, esp. Dara Happa? Or would it merely be found in
>the barbarian areas surrounding?

 IMHO the Healing Deities of the Lunar Empire are officially Deezola, with
Erissa, Chalana Arroy, Teelo Norri and Malia playing second fiddle. If a CA
worshipper met up in an Erissa temple, they'd probabley be very cordial to
each other, notice that they both wore white and did more or less the same
rites in different languages and assume that the only difference was that
their god was called something different, same differnce between a banana in
Britain and a banana in France, looks the same, tastes the same, is grown
the same and I wouldn't care what the hell it was called. Same goes, BTW,
for my opinion of Humakt in Carmania and Sartar.

Thanx for listening,

Nick E.

Nick the Broo Shaman of Thed

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     where does that leave God?"
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