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Peter Maranci <>
Many Things...
>I saw Jack Dott at RQ Con II

In San Francisco? Are you sure -- as far as I know, he wasn't there.

>I'm sorry to say that the only conclusion I can make is that they
>must feel that RQ isn't worth spending time one. Guess _Girl's Life_ is
>the mainstay of the AH empire now...
>From my discussions with Jack two years ago (trying to deal with him
very patiently over a contract for Tower of Night. I finally gave up, as
after two months I had gotten nowhere), part of the problem is that the
supplements just do not sell well. Since I have been told in the past
that print runs are generally kept pretty secret by companies, I will not
tell you what the print run on each of the RQ supplements was, but let me
say that I believe David Hall is approaching the same number with Tales.
And they still had some of each of them left at AH, including the ones
from back in the 80's.

And that is not how AH likes to do business. And this low print run makes
sense if you think about it. For every person who buys River of Cradles,
there are going to be 5 or 6 (hopefully) who do not, as they expect to
play through the adventures in it. Now, I know that a lot of them will
buy the books anyways, for the Gloranthan information in them, but it at
least shows why sales might always be less than most of us would expect.

> There's one thing that I've never seen explained, and that it
>Wind Lords in Lunar-occupied territory don't get caught. My Sartarite
>character is on the road to becoming a Wind Lord, but as soon as he does
>he'll have to start chanting poetry to practically everything he meets
- --
>including "Foul Chaos..." to Lunars, I suspect -- and will no doubt be
>picked up and executed immediately.
This is an easy one. He hides out in the hills, and only comes down when
he wants to kill some Lunars. :)

Peter Metcalfe <>
Natural Disasters and Pelorian Cults
>> I was wondering if anyone has written up a more definitive Yelm
>>Cult write-up for Dara Happa based upon GRoY and FS.
>No, but I have thought about it heaps.
And so you have -- this is all very good material, though of course I
could quibble over details and intepretations for hours. So I won't.

About two years ago, maybe less, Shannon Appel was talking about writing
up some of these cults. Don't think he got much farther than that
statement, but he might have some notes I'm not aware of.

>Rather than have a standardized cult, I reckon the writeup
>reflects an averaged picture of what the perfect Yelm
>worshipper would be like and most do not follow this
I started to quibble over this, then remembered that I said above I would
not. So I won't. But I could, if I wanted to. :)

Stephen Martin
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