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mikec@room3b.demon.co.uk (Michael Cule)
Elven Runes
>Unless I've been Gregged on this, I believe that multiple form runes are
>possible. Elves have both the Man and the Plant runes and Ducks have
>the Man and the Bird/Beast rune.
>Yes, this does mean that they perform Healing at full on both kinds.
I never thought of that aspect. However, I would prefer that they can
separately learn Heal spells, say an "Aldryami" version and a "Man"
version. With Ducks, there is probably no need for such separate
concepts. As I see it, an elf has to remove himself somewhat from the
"Group Mind" which is Aldrya, to act as a "human". To do so removes him
part of the way out of the plant world, so that he can interact more
fully with the human world.

Alternately, elves might "always" be out of the Man rune side. While
working on Lords of Terror, I unwittingly started a debate among
contributors and readers by stating that elves were descended from the
Man Rune. Most commentors objected to this, stating that they were just
plants in the shapes of men. I pointed out the RQ2 rules, and was
promptly told that those were God Learner statements, and probably not
true. Which is a line I use all the time, so I can hardly object to their
being used against me.

Still, it is a tricky question -- just how "Man" are elves? Were they
formed after the "creation" of the Man Rune, to better enable Aldryami to
interact with beasts and humans? If so, I would firmly commit them to the
Man Rune side. And since humans can mate with elves successfully, this is
probably true. Of course, a human once mated with a Gold Wheel Dancer, so
maybe it tells us nothing...

David Weihe <weihe@gsidanet.danet.com>
Re: Lead Crosses
>> Actually, they appeared in Wyrms Footnotes 11, not Plunder. Also
>Actually, they appeared in both, because I bought Plunder long before my
>copies of Wyrms Footnotes, and they were there, along with Rhino Fat,
>that spear made from a Giant's leg, Herdbeast Tails, Morocanth Thumbs,
>and various other semiuseful items, most of which weren't in WF11.
I'm looking at my copy of Plunder, and there ain't no Lead Crosses there
- -- goes straight from Invisible Sword to Lightning Bands. And mine is a
first printing (says so right inside the cover). What page is it on in
yours? Was there a second, expanded edition of Plunder? I have never
heard of one, but I could be wrong. Anyone else have a copy of Plunder
with Lead Crosses in it?

>Unfortunately, they only listed the powers of the item, who could make
>it, and how general the knowledge of the previous was.
>I don't have the Humakti issue of TotRM, and it's out of print; is
>there anything in it? I've gathered a few bits and pieces from the
>archived Digest, but not near enough to form a whole Myth.
No, nothing in the Humakt issue except the subcult of Makla Mann, which I
mentioned before.

"Simon Phipp" <simon.phipp@walshwestern.com>
Shadow Cats
>Not a problem. Proper Orlanthi do not mess about with horses anyway,
>either travelling by foot, by cart or by flying. On foot a Shadow Cat
>can easily keep up, on a cart it would sit in the back and purr, if
>flying it will dig its claws in and stay with you.
Then where do all those horse-mounted Sartar units come from in the game
Dragon Pass? Many Orlanthi clans have a history of horse involvement,
c.f. the Hyaloring clans of the Colymar Tribe (from King of Sartar). Many
ancient Orlanthi had very close relations with the Hyaloring people.

Where did all those horse-riding Pol Joni Orlanthi come from -- did they
all of a sudden jump in the saddle one day? Why are all those Tarshite
Orlanthi kings always trying to steal horses from the Grazers?
jcw@connecti.com (Chris Wehman)
Yelm and Shargash Cult write-up
>Pelorian and Dara Happan Healers:
> There seems to be some confusion in the literature as to who the
>various healing deities are in the area, and to what degree each is

I think the confusion between Erissa "The White Lady" and Chalana Arroy
"The White Lady" was intentional on Greg's part in GRoY. I think we must
admit that Chalana Arroy is worshiped in some parts of Peloria. I handle
it by making her a subcult of Erissa in Dara Happa, the same way Erissa
is a subcult of Chalana Arroy in Dragon Pass. Probably provides that Heal
Constitution spell given by the Sisters of Mercy (see River of Cradles).

>Golden Bow:
> In the magazine Yelm write-up I have, it mentions the god Golden
>Bow as one of the associates of Yelm. I realize that people have
>out the Grazers and have installed Golden Bow as part of the Yelm the
>Warrior (Jardan) sect. Among the pentians, G:CotHW suggests that it is
>own cult separate from the Yelm cult. I was wondering if the Dara
>had assimilated the cult into the pantheon or a part of it into say the
>saggitus subcults of Yelm. I realize that the Golden Bow cult is a
>of horse-riding nomads, but I was wondering if it was used as the cult
>cavalry units in the Dara Happan empire at any time.
I doubt it -- it seems to be a part of the God Learnerized version of the
cult published in White Wolf 16, and should remain wholely the province
of the Pentans (and Grazers), IMO. BTW, do you think the Pentans view
Yelm as the Little Sun, since Kargzant is their "Big" Sun?

Stephen Martin
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