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Re: Carmanian Humakt
>Now the reason that I am certain that the Carmanian Humakt is
>identical to the Dragon Pass Humakt is multiform:
>2. What is the most important concept to the Carmanians? What is
>their obsession? TRUTH.

Truth has always been an important concept to ALL Malkioni -- what were
the God Learners, except searchers after truth? So, it is just as easy to
suggest that both a Ralian-originated Humakt cult and a
Fronelan-originated Carmanian war god cult were influenced early on by
this Malkioni love of truth.
>geases from their worshippers. And who are the cults we know of who
>use geases? Humakt! Yelmalio, which comes from Dara Happa which was
>conquered and militarized by Carmania!

Um, excuse me, but since when did Yelmalio come from Dara Happa? Did you
see Yelmalio mentioned anywhere within GRoY? And even the Yelmic
influences from Dara Happa, which the Elmali have been subject to, began
in the First Age, long before Carmania even existed! I think you's
barking up the wrong tree, heah (here)!

>Yanafal Tarnils, who obviously
>came from Carmania. Thanatar (actually from Atyar) who hated Lhankor
>Mhy, and there's not much evidence to show that Atyar is from

In fact, he is specifically stated as being from Kralorela.

Clay Mostali
>This is just an idle curiosity type question as I've never looked
>into the Mostali in any detail. I have a Dragonclaw miniatures
>"Clay Mostali with repeating cross-bow" figure and am surprised
>that it's human-sized. Is this right?
No -- a Clay Mostali is a "dwarf". Dwarf SIZ << Human SIZ.

Martin Laurie <102541.3423@CompuServe.COM>
Shargash cult
>> I was also wondering if anyone had a write-up or outline for
>>Alkothi Shargash Cult.
>>However I think that most people in Alkoth worship Shargash
>>through the Yelm Cult as waffled about above.
>Shargash worshipped through Yelm?!? This is not true at all - they are
>different dieties and Yelm is purely a noble cult when worshipped at
initiate or
>higher level whereas Shargash is _the_ cult in Alkoth.
As I understand it, from GRoY, discussions with Greg, etc., neither of
these is likely to be true. At least not in the Third Age, because the
cult is not acceptable most of the time. The Yelmic authority suppresses
it, and allows very few people to become priests, whatever. Because
Shargash is not just a war god -- he is the god of destruction. He
destroyed the world in the darkness, and he tries to destroy it every
time he gets loose. He is a cannibal, a monster, a necessary evil at
times, but a caged entity at all others. Note in GRoY that he is only
able to act after all of the other good/acceptable gods are dead.

People who worship Shargash do terrible things. A war regiment dedicated
to Shargash would consider it their duty to massacre every living thing
in their way -- women, children, animals. Then they would destroy the
village, burn all the crops, and raze a few acres of the surrounding
forest. They cannot be controlled.

As Greg once said to me, (paraphrased): when the troops start worshiping
Shargash, the officers all know they have screwed up badly, and it is
time to lighten up in a major way, let them have liberty once in awhile,
don't kill so many of them as examples, etc.

The "Shargash" cult in Alkoth, IMO, is so watered down by now that it
bears little resemblance to the original; I think the description in GRoY
is very old, and not so much the case nowadays. It is truly a cult of
Alkor, the City God.

I understand that much of what Martin says comes ultimately from Greg,
but so does much of what I say. Much of this I chalk up to
interpretation, some of the rest to Greg's mood at a given time. I agree
with Peter Metcalf that most "worship" of Shargash currently is through
the Yelm the Warrior "subcult" of the primary Yelm cult. If there is such
a thing anymore, it's hard to know anymore....

Stephen Martin
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